Even though February is cold, Druskininkai are here to keep you warm and full of love. We have prepared 3 options for a winter holiday at the resort filled with pheromones of love for yourself and your health, when you can forget about deadlines, post-COVID, burnout and fatigue in a relationship.

Can you feel the love in air? a plethora of romantic offers

In SPA’s and hotels in February, there are a variety of romantic programs in Druskininkai lasting from 2 to 4 days, are you ready for a romantic adventure?

And now, to the traditional ones: candles, dinner, pools, saunas, breakfast for two, aromatic rubbing, separate time in general programs, energy exchange rituals, amber relaxation are just a drop in the ocean of what is offered in our resort.

Dozens of spectacular programs from proffesionals that combine different cultures: from the secrets of Moroccan healers to the mysterious practice of Samogitian pagans … Everything is thought out, solitude is combined with activities and procedures (usually from 4 per day).

Prices for programs “for two” start from about 90 euros (one night) and an average of 600 euros (5 nights). Interestingly, the special offer of a 5-star hotel – two nights with a spa program and dinner – from 165 euros per person.

Find the Alps near the Ratnyčėlė River: Unusual Healing Techniques

Prevention and rehabilitation after illnesses in Druskininkai is successfully turning into a multidisciplinary health marathon. The number of procedures is prescribed by a professional doctor.

Here you will find the usual prevention and rehabilitation methods in SPA’s and health resorts (lasers, detoxes, inhalations, therapeutic massages, baths, kinesiotherapy, and so on), as well as innovative ones.

The coronovirus epidemic has made its own adjustments, professionals in Druskininkai have developed special programs that help recover from covid, complications from flu and colds, and help remove the “fatigue” of the immune system. These are procedures that saturate the body with oxygen and “turn on” the protective functions of the body.

Familiar salt rooms are complemented by capsules with high-altitude air, jogging – training in virtual reality under the supervision of artificial intelligence, hardening – a cryochamber. In the Druskininkai health resort, for example, the Circle of Health is popular, a wellness program with pools, baths and saunas for 2.5 hours and it includes 9 steps of improving your health and well-being.

Special procedures expand rehabilitation and help you reach your “zen” mode. Massage techniques, Ayurvedic practices and training, sleep therapy, light therapy, sounds and aromas remove irritation, fatigue and restore harmony and the balance of your body.

The cost of a course of treatment in SPA’s and health resorts with accommodation, food and treatment: from 70 euros per person per day.

The healing natural mineral water of Druskininkai – the return to natural practices

Nature, as a factor in the treatment of diseases and the restoration of mental health, has been the foundation of all practices in Druskininkai dating back centuries.

Druskininkai has been known for a long time to as a place where forces of nature help you get back on you feet and restore your health. Herbs, stones, salt, resin, honey, berries, flowers, clay, peat and many other factors used in Druskininkai produce amazing effects.

The right combinations of different medical herbs helps with restoring youthful energy and health.restore the energy of youth. Chamomile compresses relax and relieve fatigue. Try out the getting wrapped with vegetables and fruits and a radiant skin is guranteed.

During a massage, amber releases succinic acid, which enters the deep layers through the pores of the skin and begins to activate the metabolism, accelerates detoxification and regeneration processes.

Even ordinary buckwheat will help you relax. A mattress, mittens, boots with buckwheat soothe, normalize sleep, create a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Let’s not forget about the fresh and pure air of Druskininkai! spring has already spilled its aphrodisiacs. Ducks near the Nemunas river entered a romantic peak. February is only half a step away from the blast wave of rebirth of life, and snowy weather just adds to the joy of our beautiful resort!

For more information about Druskininkai, visit: www.druskininkai.lt/en