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Rituals for Two


Druskininkai presents couples with many opportunities for a romantic weekend getaway. Its SPA resorts offer several packages for couples including couples massages and honeymoon options, and there are also a number of wellness-themed activities to do together including skiing, zip lining, cycling, and nature-based walks.

In this section we have selected some spa examples that will inspire your imagination and help you to decide.*


Geisha and Samurai rituals

During the procedure, shoulders and shoulder line, nape of the neck and neck, head, mime muscles and face are massaged in a specific individual sequence. The essence of this ritual is to gain your peace of mind, to distance from the daily chaos and to enjoy your sensations.

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Panha Bhuta ritual

A ritual that combines five elements of nature to bring you harmony both in body and mind: warm marble, steam, spurting water, silk cushions, mountains of soap bubbles, cosy candlelight, healing earth and spices, and ether of oils flowing in the air. Hammam with a Sharko shower, a body mask, face massage, mineral water bath, and oil massage.

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SPA ritual ‘1001 nights’

During this SPA ritual, take time to reflect over the magical moments, special places and everything else that makes your dreams come true, or even discover your own creativity that equals the power of the King’s wife Scheherazade. The memory of this steam room and SPA ritual performed by our specialists will not fade away even after 1001 nights.

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‘Two in paradise’ programme

A chocolate body peeling-mask, aromatherapy in steam bath, and a mineral water bath, plus a relaxing massage. These are sweet ingredients that are known for their moisturising, anti-oxidising properties, with an anti-cellulite effect for your skin. A steam bath stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies and relaxes the body, and additionally helps one to lose weight in the process.

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SPA ritual ‘Aladin’s Magic Lamp’

This ritual boosts the immune function, detoxifies the organism and gives freshness and energy. Thus, if you are languid, want to have rest or recover strength, “Aladdin’s Lamp” is namely for you. The ritual combines health promoting properties of natural honey, amber and salt and the used special peeling technique has a unique effect on full body. Te treatment activates blood circulation even in the deepest skin layers. Honey and salt mechanically cleans the skin, increases perspiration and absorbs toxic substances. Amber has therapeutic effects, helps to restore elasticity of the skin, rejuvenates and recharges energy. The foam massage gives special relaxing senses sort of submerging you into the state of lightness and weightlessness.

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Pleasure for two’ programme

For HER: a chocolate body scrub, chocolate mask, mineral water bath, and massage. The smell of chocolate has a positive effect on the central nervous system, reducing fatigue and improving one’s frame of mind. For HIM: a seaweed body scrub, grape mask, mineral water bath, and massage. Your skin gains radiance and vitality.

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Klapp SPA ritual for two

For him and her: aromatherapy, an intensively moisturising and relaxing foot mask, and a relaxing body and face massage.

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Gemology ritual for him and her

For him and her: a body scrub with Peridot cosmetics, wrapping with a tea leaf and cocoa bean mask, facial skin preparation, facial massage, relaxing body massage, and tea drinking ritual.

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Romantic massage for two

Aromatherapy massage is a luxurious and relaxing treatment which allows gaining deep peace, relaxes the body, thus, relieving tension, improves mode, relieves head and back pains, improves blood circulation. Combinations of different massage techniques and natural essential oils which penetrate into the body through the skin and are inhaled during the massage are used during the session.

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ESPA aromatherapy massage for two

A customised selection of essential oils works through olfactory centres and the skin to help achieve the desired result of the treatment and bring deep body relaxation.

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ESPA detoxifying bath for two

Perfectly cleanses the body. ESPA bath oil stimulates the immune system, reduces fluid retention, promotes toxin removal, and activates all systems of the body.

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* Information was collected in July 2019. Please check the accuracy of the information on the providers’ website or contact the required facility directly.

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