The renovated Health Resort Druskininkai invites you to recover in the new cosy baths


For many years now, the Druskininkai Health Resort, known as the symbol of Druskininkai as a healing resort, has been changing its face. A few years ago, the Health Circle area was renovated, and a few days ago, a completely renovated bath section opened its doors, where as many as 26 wellness treatments will be offered at once.

The management and staff of the Druskininkai Health Resort are doing their best to make clients feel as comfortable as possible during treatments in cosy surroundings.

Last autumn, the facility, a favourite place for Druskininkai visitors and residents, began renovation work. The reconstructed part of the bathing department was recently opened.

We talk to Kęstutis Ramanauskas, Head of the Health Resort, about the wonderful gift to Druskininkai guests and residents on the occasion of the Druskininkai 230th birthday.

We continue our traditions – mineral water baths, remain unchanged: mineral water baths, herbal baths, pearl baths, coniferous baths, turpentine baths, acid-carbonic baths, iodobroma baths, hydromassages in two or four chambers (either for all four, or only for hands or feet), guest favourites ‘Health’, ‘Beauty’, ‘Surutis’ baths. Therapeutic mud baths are also available. A surprise for clients is the salt grotto with Himalayan salt, in which a special machine grinds salt into very fine particles that are spread in the air of the room, creating a microclimate of a salt mine. This treatment is particularly useful in the treatment of serious respiratory diseases. In addition to the bath, we also highly recommend trying out electrostimulation with the StimaWell device.

Minėjote, kad keitėsi vonių zonos interjeras?

Vonių išdėstymo principas liko toks pats: iš ilgo koridoriaus patenki į konkrečiai jums skirtą vonios kambarį, jame paliekate savo drabužius ir gulatės į vonią. Po procedūros darbuotojas jums paduos rankšluostį nusisausinti. Pačios vonios gilesnės, platesnės ir komfortiškesnės, nei buvo anksčiau, jas pirkome iš jau Lietuvoje užsirekomendavusio Slovakijos MEDEXIM gamintojo. Vonių baltos spalvos estetika ir švara išryškėja tamsiose pilkose sienų ir medžio apdailos plytelėse, akį džiugina procedūros metu gulint vonioje, matomi didelio formato gamtos vaizdai atspausdinti ant stiklo. Pakėlus galvą, lubose galima suskaičiuoti 25 apvalius burbulų šviestuvus bei išvysti dekoratyvines rozetes, kurios puošia lubas daugybę metų, o dabar jų raštas tampa mūsų dekoratyviu simboliu, kuris interjere ir reklaminėje informacijoje bus matomas dažnai.

You mentioned that the interior has been changed?

A major refurbishment has been carried out, with the entire bathroom department refurbished from scratch. The bathtubs are deeper, wider and more comfortable than before, and the glass is covered with large-format images of nature, so you can enjoy your treatment while lying in the bath. If you look up, you can count the 25 round bubble chandeliers on the ceiling and see the decorative rosettes that have adorned the ceiling over the years.

What will be the prices of the most popular treatments?

Mineral water baths will cost between €10 and €13, underwater massage and therapeutic mud baths will cost €17 each, and mud applications will cost €15. For those who wish to consult a doctor about a specific treatment or course of treatment, the cost will be €10. A visit to the new salt cave will cost €8.

Outdoor bathing enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the opening of the cascade bath and sauna complex in the Karolis Dineika Wellness Park. When will it happen?

We are already inviting you to the cascades, this year we have properly prepared and cleaned the second part of the river. The complex will be open from Thursday to Sunday inclusive, from 12:00 to 20:00.

What else are you planning to satisfy the guests and residents of Druskininkai?

Our task is to provide services at the highest level, so that 100% of our clients are satisfied and feel the benefits to their health after the treatments provided by our staff. You are welcome!

Interesting facts about:

– 7 mineral baths;

– 2 whirlpool baths;

– 6 mud baths;

– 2 underwater massage baths;

– 3 mud application booths;

– 25 bubble chandeliers;

– 200 litres of mineral water in each bath;

– 250 kg of mud in each mud bath;

– 6 employees operate the baths simultaneously;

– 26 treatments can be performed simultaneously.

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