Take a walk along the love route

Druskininkai invites you to a date

We invite you to cross this route on foot, with your loved one! The route stretches through places surrounded by legends and romantic feelings, where you can feel the breath of love all year round.


  1. ISLAND OF LOVE. It’s no surprise that the first item on the list is the Island of Love. It is surrounded by one of the most beautiful legends about love between two hearts, the beating of which was caught by the river Nemunas. You can admire the island of love from the bank of the Nemunas river, which you can reach on the hiking trail along the river.
  2. M.K ČIURLIONIS HOUSE. This place is not about the love of Sophia and Nicholas, but about the love between the creator himself and his work. It was in Druskininkai that M. K. Čiurlionis had special feelings for what is now pleasing to our ears and eyes.
  3. THE TREE OF ETERNAL LOVE. There is probably not a single person in Druskininkai who does not know what the “curved birch” is. This is probably the only tree in Lithuania that boasts thousands of photographs of newlyweds. The arch of this birch symbolizes the eternity of love. So many couples who started their wedded life next to this tree, get to relive their memories when returning to it years later.
  4. VILLA “LINKSMA”. This place is no less popular than “The tree of eternal love” in terms of the number of newlyweds who have visited. This is the most popular place for civil marriages in Druskininkai. You can only guess how many newlyweds the stairs of this Villa have seen and how many kisses, vows and weddings were had here.
  5. THE CITY CHURCH. It would not be an overstatement to say that this church has produced thousands upon thousands of happily married couples. This church also has the St. Valentine’s relic and specifically on February 14th, married couples are invited to renew their marriage and love vows next to this holy relic.
  6. MONUMENT “KARŪNOS” TO THE ROYAL COUPLE. The monument “Crowns” is dedicated to the royal couple: the last male monrach of Jagiellonian dynasty Sigismund Augustus and his second wife, the great love of his life, Barbora Radvilaitė. The monument was placed on the banks of the Nemunas river in the heatlh park and symbolizes the cooperation between the resort towns of two neighboring countries, Augustów and Druskininkai.
  7. BEAUTY SPRING. The legend of the origin of this spring is also associated with love. The duke dived directly into the Nemunas river to catch the falcon that he hunted down, but when he did not come up from the river for a long time, his beloved burst into salty tears while waiting on the shore. Eventually, however, the duke dove out the surface of and swam into the hands of his loved one.
  8. CURVED BRIDGE. Reconstruction work on the bridge is still underway, but it is already open for walks. All bridges symbolize connection, especially the connection of two different worlds. This bridge is an important symbol of love because it connects the worlds of two different people and their love for one another. Many newlyweds come to fortify their bonds of love here, where to different worlds collide and form into a bridge of love which lasts for eternity.

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