#firstimes – The joy of first discoveries

Druskininkai is full of discoveries and endless first time experiences.

Raised hands and wind flowing through your hair while going down the bicycle paths. Panorama of Druskininkai under your feet from a flight on the Cableway. Legends of Druskininkai heard for the first time.

A ladybug flying off of your child’s palm for the first time.

Lynų kelias

A refreshing wind of discoveryOn Druskininkai bicycle paths

Dive into new trips and discoveries with bicycles around the resort – renewed Druskininkai bicycle paths and the joy of the first discoveries are waiting for you.

On the bicycle paths stretching 60 km through pine forests from the city center, you can visit the ethnographic village of Švendubrė with the Devil’s Stone, M. K. Čiurlionis’ favorite Raigardas Valley trails, the Soviet Sculpture Museum “Grūto Parkas”, the folk artist Antanas Česnulis Sculpture&Leisure Park, and the forest museum “Girios Aidas”. Within the city, visitors can enjoy history lessons at the Druskininkai City Museum, get acquainted with famous artists at the M. K. Čiurlionis Memorial Museum and V. K. Jonynas Gallery. Vijūnėlė Park attracts the eye, with a sea of daffodils blooming every spring and a colorful musical fountain dancing and playing in the Gydyklų Park.

Choose from four different bicycle paths and experience first times in Druskininkai!

Dineikos parkas

Get in touch with history -discovering ancestral customs for the first time

In the search for new experiences, we sometimes don’t realize that authentic things, and those not yet experienced for the first time, lie in our rich history, ancestral crafts, and customs.

Not all children have seen how honey is made, how a furnace is burned, not everyone has heard the true dialect of “dzūkija“ region. Around Druskininkai, you can see how the locals make cheese, extract honey, dance folk dances and play antique games on real farms in Dzūkija region!

Educational programs and evenings in Druskininkai area are organized by “Sūrūs vėjai“. You can try national crafts – candle casting, egg waxing, straw gardens or bird tying – in the artists’ workshop “Menų kalvė“. For the first time, touch your handmade souvenirs during the “A Salty Lesson“. You have the chance to bake the traditional Tree cakes in the educational session in “Romnesa“.

Druskininku miesto muziejus

Don't be afraid to be differentA city that inspires to create

Creativity lets the imagination run free, and each of our creations is a small miracle and a newly experienced first time.

Druskininkai is a city of the talented genius M. K. Čiurlionis. While living in Druskininkai, the young M. K. Čiurlionis painted one of his most poetic series – “Sonata of the Stars”.

Already in the 19th century, Druskininkai attracted people from the art world of St. Petersburg, Warsaw and Vilnius. Eliza Ožeškienė drew inspiration here for her short stories, Napoleon’s Horde for architectural landscapes, Stanislovas Moniuška for romantic works. World-famous cubist Jacques Lipšic and Hollywood actor Charles Bronson came from Druskininkai.

Get to know the historical heritage and contemporary art of Druskininkai in museums and educational programs, learn about the unexpected connections between the resort and the history of cinema in Druskininkai.

Awaken your inner creativity.

Unleash your imagination.

Čiurlionio miestas