#firstimes For your family in Druskininkai

Most valuable moments for your family vacation in Druskininkai

Do you remember the moment when your child learned to ride a bike? The feeling of pride when he stood on the skis and skied down the mountain for the first time?

How would you describe the influx of feelings when you first heard your child laugh?

Did you laugh together?

Such first times are the most cherished in the family.

You will not forget the time spent with your family in Druskininkai for the rest of your life.

Vandens parkas

Water Entertainment and Winter PleasuresAny Time of The Year

Although we are still waiting for the opening of Druskininkai aqua park, it is already possible to feel the good emotions in the water jungle full of games. It is the perfect place for the whole family, where parents can have fun with the family or book a babysitting service and relax in the adult area.

In the children’s space, young visitors will immerse themselves in endless entertainment – in a large space, real sea sand, warm mineral water, mineralized as in the Baltic Sea (17 g / l), steam bath specially adapted for children, slides, monkey bridge, mysterious rocks and jungle decorations that create a special mood. What could be more fun?

When the Snow Arena winter entertainment complex opens, both the youngest and the oldest member of your family will find an activity there. The cosy and comfortable environment will allow you to forget all the day’s work so that you can enjoy the time spent with the most beloved people without any worries.

While parents ski, children, supervised by babysitters, can have a memorable time at the crazy DruFunPark theme park. It is a place where children discover many different entertainment and attractions in one place. The park is designed for 3-12 years old children.

Vandens parkas

Soar high above the topsof Druskininkai pines

#firstimes idea – to travel from summer to winter and back on Druskininkai airline “Cableway”! The cable way uses a unique ecological vehicle, with which you will travel above the peaks of Druskininkai pines and enjoy a wonderful view from above.

Uno Adventure Park invites you to have fun in the trees all year round. The adventures that will leave you breathless and full of unforgettable experiences – children will be able to climb on nets, on tops of trees, run, party with friends in huts in the trees. There is no bad weather – there is only a great desire to be in nature and have a good time!

A free, smaller climbing playground can be found in Karolis Dineika Wellness Park.

Uno parkas Druskininkuose

Magic - wherever you turn

Whenever possible, the youngest ones, visiting Druskininkai, simply have to visit one of the largest family entertainment centers in Lithuania “O kas čia?” fun park. This is more than 1000 square meters entertainment space where children will be greeted by the park’s queen giraffe and invited on a full adventure journey through a wonderful world of children’s discoveries. Inside you will also find paradise beach and lifeguard station, white canyon, pirate island and hideouts for true adventurers with unexpected stairs, a toy hospital for little dreamers, a fairy mansion with a beauty house, a cinema, an oasis of tranquility and a square for the little ones.

Wherever you turn in Druskininkai, you will discover magic. An unusual world of wonders and illusions opens up by visiting Illusion Rooms in Druskininkai. Laughter, spectacular family photos and a good time are guaranteed. And for truly strange sensations, try the upside-down House nearby. Have you ever wondered what life would be like if everything went upside down? After all, would you be curious to know how you would feel if you could run over the ceiling?

When going on a magical trip in Druskininkai with your family, don’t forget your bicycles. You can choose the most convenient bicycle path for your needs both in the city and its surroundings.