Getaway #firstimes

A getaway  from everyday routine – first times in the magical environment of Druskininkai.

Druskininkai can become an escape from the noise of the city – here you can find the much-needed peace and natural refuge.

The resort just keeps on giving – no matter how long you stay here, a variety of first-time experiences are inevitable.

Were you in Druskininkai when it was coloured by four verses and the heart of the city, Vilnius Alley, became a magical artery of digital art – sound, light and video?

Have you experienced the beauty of the flowering of over half a million daffodil meadows, or have you seen how during the night they turn into a stary night?

Come to Druskininkai and collect your own first time experiences!

Turizmo dienos

A musical water dancea refreshing experience

The most beautiful musical fountain in Lithuania is already operational and ready to enchant you with music and light shows. In the very centre of Druskininkai, in the Medical Park, the musical fountain, which has been operating since 2011, is one of the favourite places of local and city guests and probably the most popular place to visit in Druskininkai. And yes, in 2019 it won the title of the most beautiful Lithuanian fountain.

It is a popular meeting place, and anyone who wants to, can order their favourite melody via text message by selecting it from a long list of programmed fountain melodies.

Have you ever set up a date at a musical fountain where you surprised your significant other with their favourite song?

Why not give it a try? It will be a first time.

Muzikinis fontanas

Positive emotions -the basis of well-being

The golden rule that has been in place at the resort for more than 200 years is as follows:

Positive emotions are the basis of well-being.

Druskininkai squares and parks are increasingly filled with the sounds of music and people enjoying themselves.

The summer season in Druskininkai starts on the last weekend of May, during which there is a celebration called – Kurorto šventė, it marks the opening of summer season. For three days, the city becomes the biggest stage of concerts, exhibitions and attractions.

After the opening of summer season in the resort, music and art festivals follow one after the other. Some summer events are coming back here for the fifteenth or even twentieth time. Some of the most traditional ones are the art festival Druskininkai Summer with Čiurlionis, the Music Without Borders Festival, the Piano Music Summer in Druskininkai, and the “Salt metamorphosis” plein air. The Cake Tournament has also become a tradition, where professionals and amateurs create sophisticated and artistic confectionery.

On the first weekend of August, the city is flooded with dog lovers gathering for an international dog show. A week later, the Dainava Region Folklore Festival begins along with the Cheese Festival, which features demonstration cheese production, tastings and competitions. At the end of September, mysterious and magical Tourism Gourmet Days take place.

Kurort In

The magic of taste andgourmet first times

There are more than two dozen restaurants in Druskininkai that tempt you with interesting, delicious and healthy dishes.

Taste the famous nettle ice cream, which has won the title of unexpected taste and is produced and sold by the restaurant “Velvetti”, which is constantly among the TOP 30 restaurants in Lithuania.

Toli toli” restaurant brought fairy tales and Eastern and African cuisine to Dzūkija resort, a wide selection for vegans and vegetarians.

Looking for something your pet can indulge in? “The House” offers the only dog menu in Lithuania, where you will find ice cream for dogs and even beer for dogs.

Tastes tried for the first time – in a gourmet Lithuanian resort.