#firstimes For Health

It’s time to regain your health and take care of yourself in Druskininkai.

Four elements of Druskininkai health arising from nature will help you improve your health.

Centuries-old traditions of health have now become more important than ever.

Give your health the gift of first times.

Mineral Water –The Source of Youth

The healing and strengthening powers of Druskininkai mineral water have been known and appreciated for many centuries. As many as 32.8 million liters of mineral water are used in Druskininkai per year.

Mineral water from the deepest wells of the resort travels not only on your table – it is used for health and beauty treatments in all major health facilities of the resort.

In the center of the resort, the “Spring of Beauty” is the saltiest mineral water extracted from a well more than 300 meters deep. Druskininkai mineral water heals, strengthens immunity, rejuvenates, relaxes and improves mood. Why don’t you give it a try and see for yourself?

Grožio šaltinis

The Source of Health

Mud procedures are one of the most popular in Druskininkai. Long-standing traditions and the latest technologies have made these procedures exceptional and have a highly effective and positive effect on the body.

Mud treatments heal, help to relax, improve metabolism, strengthen the immune system, reduce allergies, lift mood. The procedures use specially prepared mud enriched with minerals and microelements – so the procedures are beneficial for both your beauty and health.

Druskininkų gydykla

Refreshment for The Soul

Druskininkai is the most forested resort in Lithuania. Guests from Lithuania and abroad admire the green trees in the city centre and the centuries-old pine forests surrounding the resort. Every year, Druskininkai municipality plants hundreds of new greeneries in various places of the resort – thus the green areas of Druskininkai are expanded every year.

Forest therapy has become particularly popular in recent years, and its benefits have been proven by foreign scientists. A walk in the forest helps to relax, reduce stress and tension, and lift the mood. For the convenience of guests, tens of kilometres of hiking and cycling paths meander in the Druskininkai pine forests, and there is also a Nordic walking track.

Druskininkų miškai

A Source of Inspirational Energy

You can enjoy oxygen therapy procedures not only in health and beauty centres – thanks to the pine forests surrounding the resort, the air in Druskininkai is saturated with elements necessary for the body. Just go for a longer walk and you are already enjoying air therapy!

The air in Druskininkai is extremely clean – its effects are immediately felt by guests from big cities or abroad. Clean air has a particularly positive effect on children. Druskininkai has excellent conditions to be in the fresh air: to play sports, have fun, spend free time with friends or family.

Druskininkų pušynai