#firstimes in Nature

The nature of Druskininkai will inspire everyone experiencing their first times.
The first time your bare feet touch the forest moss. The first time you inhale the amber-scented pine-enriched air. The stunning bloom of half a million daffodils.

Druskininkai is a resort rich in gifts from nature. The nature of the resort and its surroundings helps to relax, reduce stress and tension.

That’s what we so desperately need right now.

Mergeliu akys

Century old traditionsAnd harmony with nature

Druskininkai is the most forested resort in Lithuania. In the city center there are green trees, the resort is surrounded by centuries-old pine forests. The corners of the natural oasis – parks and outdoor museums – invite you to relax.

Did you have the chanceto visit K. Dineika wellness park? It is rich with history – combining healing and physical culture with natural factors. The park’s specialists have gained widespread recognition. As early as 1924 the wellness park was also the second nudist park in Europe. Here people exercised without clothes to become healthier by mobbing in the sun and wind. It is said that three thousand people visited it every day.

It is a corner of natures oasis, where you can read a book in the gazebo, admire the flower beds, relax in the sauna, freshen up in cascading baths and soak up the sun, drink free herbal tea in the aeronautical pavilion, work out on the tracks or just simply work out.

K. Dineika Wellness Park is waiting for returning visitors who want to enjoy a unique natural refuge. The harmony of sun, air, water procedures and exercise arising from centuries-old traditions will bring positive emotions after a long period of quarantine – it will revive both body and soul.

As if for the first time.

Dineikos parkas

As if for the first time, on your own...Take a breath of Druskininkai

You can enjoy oxygen therapy procedures not only in health and beauty centers – thanks to the pine forests surrounding the resort, the air in Druskininkai is saturated with the elements necessary for the body. All you have to do is go for a longer walk or go cycling and you are already enjoying air therapy. The air in Druskininkai is extremely clean – its effects are immediately felt by guests from big cities or abroad.

Druskininkai resort lives in harmony with nature: there are excellent conditions for sports, entertainment, spending free time with friends or family. Experience the joy of living as if for the first time once again.

Meilės sala

Fall in lover all over again in Druskininkai

In Druskininkai and its surroundings, it is possible to travel along the trails of legends intertwined with the harmony of natural nature and youth, as well as to discover traces of romantic resort stories. The resort is loved by newlyweds, and Druskininkai itself was born out of love.

Traveling on bicycle paths from the “Beauty Source” on the bank of the Nemunas river, you will soon see an impressive panorama of the Island of Love.

Here, on both sides of the banks of the Nemunas, bonfires were burning during Jonines (St. John’s Eve) during which girls and boys were weaving wreaths and singing near the bonfires. When the Nemunas river was surrounded by twilight, the young people would put the wreaths with a candle and their name into the water. According to legend, if the whirlpools of the Nemunas connected the wreaths of a girl and a boy near the Island of Love, they were destined to be together.

Legend has it that once the wreaths of young people merged near the island, near the village of Mizarai. The young people got into a canoe and rowed to the wreaths, but as they tried to take them, the canoe capsized. The waves carried both bodies. The girl was holding a wreath, and he was holding her. Since then, the Nemunas Island near Druskininkai has been called the Island of Love, and an altar dedicated to the goddess of love Milda started being lit in there.

It is obvious that Druskininkai originated from love, and the history of the resort is a constantly evolving story of eternal love inspired by legends associated with nature.

From the first meeting in K.Dineika Wellness Park and romantic trips on the impressive trails of Raigardas Valley… To the eternal oath of love near the curved birch loved by newlyweds.

Narcizai Druskininkuose