How to get

to Druskininkai

In this section you will find information on how to get to Druskininkai by car, bus, and bicycle, and how to travel around the town.



By bus

Buses from Vilnius to Druskininkai are operated almost hourly, approximately fifteen times a day. The earliest scheduled journey from Vilnius is at 07:20, while the last is at 20:30. The journey to Druskininkai takes an average of two hours, or slightly longer if taking a non-express bus.

There are eleven daily departures from Kaunas in the direction of Druskininkai, with the earliest being at 06:10 and the last being at 19:45. Travel time to Druskininkai is two hours by express coach, or three hours by non-express bus.

Most Kautra buses provide the opportunity to transport a bicycle. Bicycle space must be reserved in advance.

Lithuanian bus schedules and ticket reservations are available via: www.autobusubilietai.lt

By bicycle or motor

There is no single cycling path between Druskininkai and Vilnius or Kaunas; therefore, we recommend that you take a bus. Every passenger who has purchased a bus ticket for the Kautra routes can take a bicycle for free.

Bicycles are transported all year round. During the off-season, when the bicycle racks are not fastened, the bicycles are transported in the luggage compartment. During the season, bicycle racks are attached to buses that are travelling alongside the most popular cycling routes, including the route to Druskininkai from Vilnius or Kaunas. Routes for buses with bicycle racks can be found on the website at: www.autobusubilietai.lt

More can be found here about bicycle transportation with Kautra: https://www.kautra.lt/kitos-paslaugos/dviraciu-vezimas/

By train

Druskininkai’s railway line, which formerly connected the resort to Grodno (in Belarus) and Vilnius, has been closed since 2000. In 2003, within the former Druskininkai railway station, Druskininkai’s Tourism and Business Information Centre was opened. Next to it there is a camping site. Anyone who is interested in the history of Lithuanian railways is welcome to visit Gardino Street 3, Druskininkai.

By plane (transfers)

Guests arriving from Vilnius or Kaunas airports can reach Druskininkai in just two hours by bus or taxi or by agreement. Transfers from the airport is also widely practiced (approx. 50 euro per transfer). For more information, please contact Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center by phone or e-mail.

Buses around Lithuania:

Car and bus rental in Vilnius:
Transporto kompanija “Ollex”

Town buses


Call the local taxi:

(+370 313) 51313

(+370 313) 52222

(+370 313) 51212

(+370 313) 51213

(+370 313) 55555

(+370 313) 49322

Car and bus rental

Car and bus rent:

UAB Kautra, tel. +370 313 51431, https://www.kautra.lt/kontaktai/druskininku-filialas/

AD TRANSPORT, tel. +370 640 7771, info@adtransport.lt www.adtransport.lt

Car rental Druskininkai, tel. +37060228830

Druskininkai Bus Station, tel. +370 313 51333

S. Grigas transport company, tel. +370 685 04200

Limousine rent, tel. +370 606 87333

Limousine rent, +370 642 91111

UAB NeoRent, tel. +370 627 33333

Car rent. Eglės g.1 Tel. +370 620 35287 el.p: valdas60@zebra.lt (guarded parking)

Passenger minibus rental (Opel Vivaro 2.5 long) +370 612 60490

Visit Druskininkai
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