about Druskininkai


Druskininkai is the largest balneological resort within a radius of 500km in the region.It is the southernmost city in Lithuania.

Area: 454km².

There are 12,441 inhabitants in the town, and 22,331 in the municipality as a whole (according to the census of 2018).

Every year the town of Druskininkai is visited by approximately 350,000 tourists, and about half of them are from foreign countries.

In Druskininkai tourists spend about 1.2 million nights staying here.


Coordinates: 54º1’10”N23º58’20”E/54.01944ºN23.97222ºE

Distances between towns:

  • Vilnius – 120 km
  • Riga (Latvia) – 330 km
  • Moscow (Russia) – 900 km
  • Minsk (Belarus) – 300 km
  • Grodno (Belarus) – 40 km
  • Warsaw (Poland) – 280 km
  • Augustów (Poland) – 100 km
  • Kaliningrad (Russia) – 240 km


Average air temperature tº : +7,5º

Average temperature in summer tº : + 22ºC

Average rainfall a year: 661 mm


  • Elbląg, Poland
  • Augustów, Poland
  • Grodno, Belarus
  • Dzerzhinsk, Russia
  • Kolpin area administration of St Petersburg, Russia

Coat of arms

Authors: Arūnas and Agnius Tarabildai, 1994. The coat of arms is in a black frame while there are three stylized silver pines with three golden as if royal crowns of Čiurlionis style, on their tops in its blue background. Pines hold their twigs as if hands and are full of natural Druskininkai wealth. The pyramid triangle is dominant as well as sacral numbers: three, six and nine.

City brand

Druskininkų logotipas

Creators of the brand and visual identity – UAB Godspeed Branding, 2022.

The logo consists of the main symbol of the resort town – a mineral water pump room with a stream of gushing mineral water, symbolizing the natural and healing resources, traditions and rich history of the resort city. The logo also contains the date, which is considered to be the official day of the foundation of Druskininkai resort in 1794, June 20, when, by the order of king Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis, after a doctor of the palace examined the healing properties of Druskininkai mineral water, Druskininkai was declared a healing area by a royal decree. The main goal of the resort, the doctors and health professionals working here has always been to maintain harmony in the human body and soul. Therefore, the sign has a circle that unites this harmony arising from nature, which envelops everyone who comes to Druskininkai.

The different color derivatives of the new visual identity of Druskininkai symbolize the diversity of Druskininkai nature: the merging and intertwining elements of earth, air and water. In this diversity lies the peace, cleanliness and the feeling refreshment that’s present in Druskininkai, which are subtly conveyed by color transitions.

City tax

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