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Personal data protection

Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center (Gardino g. 3, Druskininkai, tel .: +370 313 60803, e-mail information@druskininkai.lt, company code 152090338) in the exercise of its functions processes personal data for the purpose of providing tourism information and tourism information center for employee identification purposes.
The Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data 95/46 / EC) and Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center Director Order no. VK-020 approved by the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center Personal Data Processing Rules.

Rights of the data subject:
Obtain information on the processing of your personal data;
To request information on the purposes for which the information is processed, the data being processed and the length of time for which the data are stored. This information shall be provided free of charge (the controller may charge a fee for the re-submission of a data subject’s request for data processing) once upon completion of the request;
Access your personal data that is stored;
Request the correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
Request the deletion (right to be forgotten) of personal data;
Not consent to the processing of any personal data relating to a specific case;
Request a restriction on the processing of your personal data;
Receive your personal data in digital format and pass it on to another controller (“data portability”);
Require that decisions based on automated data processing that relate to a person or that have a significant impact on a person and which are based on personal data are made by natural persons and not by computer systems.

These rights help to ensure that information about a person is accurate, that it is accessible only to those who have the right to access it, and that it is used only for legitimate purposes.

Procedures for the exercise of individual rights:
In order to exercise the above rights, a person may submit a written request to the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center (in person, by post, through a representative, or by electronic means, Gardino str. 3, Druskininkai, phone: +370 313 60803, e-mail information @ druskininkai.lt);
The request must be legible, signed by the person, stating: name, surname, place of residence, contact details and information on which of the above rights and to what extent he / she wishes to exercise;
Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center shall reply to the person no later than within 1 month from the date of submission of the application.

The law may provide for exceptions where the controller may not exercise the rights of the individual (data subject):
When it comes to ensuring state security or defense;
When necessary for the maintenance of law and order, prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offenses;
When the important economic or financial interests of the state have to be safeguarded;
Where necessary to prevent, investigate and detect breaches of professional or professional ethics;
Where the protection of the rights and freedoms of the individual (data subject) or of others is necessary.

Personal Data Security Violations and Complaints Procedure:
If a person feels that his / her rights as a data subject have been violated or if he / she wants more information about the processing of personal data, he / she may contact Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center, +370 313 60803, e-mail. email information@druskininkai.lt

The Data Protection Officer shall be bound by the obligation of secrecy or confidentiality with regard to the performance of his tasks.
If a person does not agree with the response of the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Center, he may contact the State Data Protection Inspectorate (SLI), L. Sapiegos g. 17, 10312 Vilnius, phone: +370 5 271 2804, +370 5 279 1445, email ada@ada.lt

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