O kas čia? Fun Park

Over 1000 sq. ft. m. an entertainment space where kids will be greeted by the park’s giraffe queen and invite for a full adventure tour of the wonderful world of child discovery. These include paradise beach and lifeguard station, white canyon, pirate island and hiding places for true adventurers with unexpected climbs, a toy hospital for little dreamers, a fairy mansion with a beauty house, a cinema, an oasis of peace, and a playground for the little ones. A tempting café with a troll loft, with a magical menu. Trolls are new friends in a charming look and a fun way that promises adventures you’ve never seen before! Likes to fly a balloon by licking the trolls of chocolate.

IV 14:00 - 20:00
V 14:00 – 21:00
VI 10:00 – 21:00
VII 10:00-20:00

  • Games
  • SPA center
  • Golf club
  • Entertainment centre
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