Canoe rentals around Druskininkai

Southern Lithuania is rich in rivers and lakes. Only in the territory of the Druskininkai Municipality there are 47 lakes, the Neman River and 8 small rivers. Also Druskininkai area borders the Dzukia National Park, the largest protected area in the country. The total length of the rivers flowing through the national park is about 300 km. The most famous of them are Merkys, Ula, Skroblus, Gruda.

Even more rivers can be found in the direction of the Lithuanian-Polish border. Popular kayaking routes along the rivers White and Blach Ancha (Lith. Baltoji Ančia, Juodoji Ančia), Zapse, Mara and others pass here. You can ride kayaks on the lakes Snaiginas and Ancha (Lith. Ančia), too.

Trail suggestion by: sauletekiobaidares.lt


Kayak rental price may differ, it is approx. 15 euros per day on weekdays, and approx. 20 euros per day on weekends. Rental points usually also provide transport services, develop or offer ready-made routes, provide the necessary permits (if the route passes through the territory of the national park).

There are a lot of kayak rental points in southern Lithuania: just enter “baidariu nuoma” in the search engine to get dozens of results. Unfortunately, almost all information is provided in Lithuanian. You can check the prices in the bookmarks “Kainos”, and the proposed tracks in the bookmarks “Maršrutai”. To order kayaks, call the indicated phone number – usually the owners of rental points speak some English. Below are a few rental options:

Rivers Baltoji Ančia, Zapse, Mara, Nemunas, GrudaBaltosios Ančios canoes
Rivers Gruda, Merkys, Ula, Varėnė, ŠalčiaBaidarink.lt
Rivers Gruda, Merkys, Ula, VarėnėBaidariunuoma.lt
Rivers Merkys, UlaDzukijosbaidares.lt
Lake Veisiejis. River Baltoji Ančia. Kayaking trips around all Lithuania.Irklinis.lt
Rivers Baltoji Ančia, Zapse, MaraNieda farmstead
River Baltoji AnčiaLaimės slėnis farmstead
Rivers Baltoji Ančia, Zapse, Mara, Nemunas, GrudaPinčiuko baidarės farmstead
Lakes Snaigynas and Ančia. Rivers Baltoji Ančia, Zapse, Mara.Saulėtekio baidarės rental


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