Classical yoga is a way of life on earth. It is a refreshment for Your body and soul! During the session, Ashtanga, Ha-Tha, Kundalini, Ing, Jang, Ajangar yoga classes are held. Regular yoga practice raises awareness and determination, and the ability of a person to make the right choices. Through yoga, a person regains a healthy, flexible, comfortable body, replenishes life-force, returns joy to life, finds balance in the psychic sense, assesses life situations more realistically and makes decisions. Calming the mind and enjoying the peace within yourself is the goal of every walk in yoga. Until there is freedom in the body, freedom of the mind is impossible.

Tuesday, Thursday 17:30
Duration 1:30

Hot Yoga is a series of yoga poses called asanas performed at a temperature of 37 degrees and 45 percent. in a humid environment. These are the 26th Ha-Tha yoga asanas and two breathing exercises. Asanas are performed in a particular order, where one asana prepares the body for another. This strengthens each part of the body, and the consistency of exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the body. This has an effect on the elimination of toxins and slag from the body. Hot yogis are distinguished by: * Providing security in a warm environment and stressing all the body’s systems – strengthening muscles, bones, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improving metabolism, restoring the body even after long-standing injuries, acting as an antidepressant, inhibiting cellular activity aging, improving concentration of attention.

Friday 18:00
Duration 1:30 

Nirvana fitness was born out of a growing awareness of the importance of breathing and its impact on our lives. Nirvana fitness demonstrates the importance of breathing especially when breathing in the diaphragm to prolong exhalation and bring greater awareness. Conscious breathing is the gateway to peace and bliss.
Nirvana enters music into a meditative, flow state during exercise. Breathing deep, calm, optimal. The cells are filled with additional oxygen. The body is deeply immersed in dynamic movements. Imagine being completely dissolved in what you do. Time is running out. There is no hesitation, stress, fear, inner self-criticism in this state. It is a deep foundation of inner peace. This is the state of Nirvana.

Wednesday, Sunday 18:00
Duration: 1:00



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