Slow Trips

Back to the woods, back to the roots

And what is so special about Southern Lithuania, specifically? For one, it’s called the green lung of Lithuania because it’s home to the country’s biggest pinewood area. The landscape is dotted with radiant blue lakes and traversed by the country’s main river, the Nemunas.

Here in the woods, you can find thousands of birds in the oldest bird reserve of Žuvintas Lake. The pinewoods are rich in juniper, berries and mushrooms. Old traditions, like hollow beekeeping and the UNESCO-listed cross crafting, are very much alive here. The region is characterised by its wooden architecture and the cosy streets of its mineral springs resorts. The local cuisine is simple but tasty; the local artists are extremely creative.

The Alytus, Birštonas and Druskininkai municipalities are proud to be home to the Dzūkija National Park (the biggest one in the country), the Biosphere Reserve of Lake Žuvintas (the oldest one in the country), and two Regional Parks (the Nemunas Loops and Lake Meteliai).

Bookable Slow Trips experiences

Take your time and browse through Slow Trips experiences in the Alytus Region. You can discover 5 different experiences near Druskininkai – Salt Jazz for family, Salt Jazz for groups, A day in the farmer’s shoes, The Power of Conifers and Magic of Metal.

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