XI World Lithuanians Sports Games

Druskininkai 2022

Druskininkai is the capital of wellness, recreation, active lifestyle and exclusive entertainment all year round. Everyone knows that hundred-year-old health traditions and the latest technologies, peaceful rest and frenzy of entertainment are combined here. Do you know what strength and power lie in nature of Druskininkai? Four special elements of nature are a unique gift of nature and therapy for you! Here you will find the new you!

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Welcome to Druskininkai!


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July 14, Thursday

Entertainment square scene  (Vilnius Av. 24) 

10.00 h United Kingdom cycling team’s farewell to a trip around Lithuania. Edita Pučinskaitė, Lithuanian cyclist from Italy, is taking a part..
20.00 VšĮ SŪRŪS VĖJAI presents traditional Lithuanian evening-party Duration – 1 hour. With dancers, folk musicians, singers, games, authentic dialect of Dzūkija’s region.

July 15, Friday

18.00 h St. Mass (Church of Saint Mary’s Scapular, Druskininkai).

19.30 h Theatrical procession „Aš-Lietuva“ carrying 250 meters long Lithuanian flag.

20.00 Beginning of the opening ceremony.

21.00 15th day winners of the games award.

22.15 Vidas Bareikis concert.

23.30 DJ performance, light and lazer show.

July 16, Saturday

Entertainment square scene  (Vilnius Av. 24) 

12.00 – 18.00 Push-ups from the ground 6 hour record pursuit.

19.00 Giunter Percussions concert.

20.00 16th day winners of the games award.

20.45 – 23.00 DJ performance

Hotel Europa Royale Druskininkai (Vilnius Av. 7)
17.00 h Scientific conference “World Lithuanians sports history and future vision”.

July 17, Sunday

Entertainment square scene (Vilnius Av. 24)
14.00 h 17th day winners of the games award.

14.50 h Beginning of the closing ceremony.

15.25 h Performers performance.

Hotel Europa Royale Druskininkai (Vilnius Av. 7)
12.00 h  World Lithuanians sports forum.


Information is filled and updated.

July 14 
14-15 h Presentation of Druskininkai JUC and opportunities for the youth. Relevant for young people from 14 to 29 years old. Registration  bit.ly/3zZOOwb

18.00 h Youth improvisation “Milžinkapis“ based on V. Krėvė creation motifs (Youth activity Centre, Veisiejų St. 17)

20.30 h Legendary band „Rondo“ concert (Restaurant – Music club „Kolonada“)

July 15 
14-15 h Presentation of Druskininkai JUC and opportunities for the youth. Relevant for young people from 14 to 29 years old. Registration  bit.ly/3zZOOwb
20.00 h Evgenya Redko. Piano. TICKETS (Tech Spa Terasa, V. Kudirkos St. 33).

July 16 
8.00 h Yoga with Lukas in K. Dineika health park. Organizer is the Druskininkai public health office.

15.00 h Excursion on foot „Druskininkai – city of health springs“.

19.00 h Ensemble „Giunter Percussion“ concert „Interzone“ | Druskininkai entertainment square

20.00 h Andrius Mamontovas. Acoustic . TICKETS (Tech Spa Terasa, V. Kudirkos St. 33).

21.00 h Disco „Neon Party“  for 14-29 years old youth (Youth activity Centre, Veisiejų St. 17).

You can find other events held at the resort HERE


Get to know Druskininkai historical heritage and contemporary art in our museums and educational programs. Professional guides of Druskininkai are ready to travel with You.

Excursions with guides

July 15 15.00 h Excursion „Around the beloved Druskininkai “ With a guide Plepi Ponia Druskininkuose you will visit one quarter of the resort’s old town
Price – 5 €/per person. Duration – 1,5 hour. Registration in advance is required tel. nr. +370 655 58180 

More information about the guide Plepi Ponia Druskininkuose HERE

July 15 14.00 h Educational program „The most luxurious – handmade postcard“. In the artist’s workshop you will try a few watercolor casting techniques and create your own postcard composition.
Price – 15 €/per person. Duration – 2 hour. Registration in advance is required tel. +370 696 03580 or fill out the registration form HERE

More information HERE.

July 16 15.00 h excursion on foot „Druskininkai – city of health springs“.  Overview excursion in resort’s old town – history development of the mineral town from the middle of the 17th century.

Price – 10 €/per person. Duration – 2 hour.  Registration in advance is required tel. nr. +370 686 36639

More information about  RETRO Druskininkai excursions and guide Lilijana Stepanovienė HERE.

July 16 17.00 h Theatrical excursion „Mineral town“.
This is a romantic, fancy walk through the 19th century Druskininkai   (Date and time will be clarified)
Excursion is free. Duration – 1,5 hour. Information tel. nr. +370 615 89454

More infomation about „Gidų artelė“ HERE.

You can find more about Druskininkai guide services  HERE. 

Druskininkai city museum

The museum is established in the centre of the town, in a representative building of the beginning of the 20th century, a villa  called LINKSMA (Jolly). We invite you to visit the cultural object protected by the state which houses a permanent exposition of the history of the resort and iconographic and archival material of Druskininkai.

For the visitors of the World Lithuanian Sports Games with a Participant’s Card, admission is FREE.

Cable car

A unique entertainment of the “Cableway”, during which you can view Druskininkai from a bird’s eye view. Experience a wonderful trip by the only cable car in Lithuania that works all year round!

Cycle paths of Druskininkai



More than 60 km of cycle paths are installed in Druskininkai – you can admire the beautiful nature of the resort and visit the most visited places of the resort while traveling along them. Druskininkai cycle paths stretch not only around the city. For those who want to continue their journey around the beautiful resort, we present four main cycling routes.

Excursions along the Nemunas River

A refreshing catamaran ride with your family on the Nemunas is a fun adventure and an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of Druskininkai and see the most famous objects of the resort. Sailing on the steamer “Druskininkai” you will be able to observe the bends of the Nemunas, feel the beauty of Lithuanian nature and visit the Baroque-style sacred architectural ensemble in Liškiava.

You can find more educational entertainment HERE. 


 Have you arrived to World Lithuanians sports games with children?

Druskininkai Water Park

You will find many attractions in the children’s space of Druskininkai Water Park. For children, swimming pools with “sea” water (salinity about 17 g / l) and a special steam room are prepared here. “Families with children will find a lot of activities for the little ones in our park: a two-story space with three descent roller coasters for the smallest and also cascades.  There is a “monkey” bridge, caves, a swimming pool with sea sand and a family-friendly sauna “Karakum”.

 „O kas čia?“ fun park

Over 1000 sq. ft. m. an entertainment space where kids will be greeted by the park’s giraffe queen and invite for a full adventure tour of the wonderful world of child discovery. These include paradise beach and lifeguard station, white canyon, pirate island and hiding places for true adventurers with unexpected climbs, a toy hospital for little dreamers, a fairy mansion with a beauty house, a cinema, an oasis of peace, and a playground for the little ones. A tempting café with a troll loft, with a magical menu. Trolls are new friends in a charming look and a fun way that promises adventures you’ve never seen before! Likes to fly a balloon by licking the trolls of chocolate.

„UNO“ adventure park

Does your child gush with energy in such a way that it is difficult to control him/her? Then it’s time to try the adventure park UNO. For small visitors, separate tracks and obstacles among the trees have been created here. You can calmly overcome the adult tracks yourself: your children will be watched by instructors all the time.

 Sightseeing train

Parents with small children are also invited by the fun Druskininkai train, which travels through the most beautiful parts of the resort. In this way, the resort can be seen by traveling in an eco-friendly electric car called Ecotours.

We offer it for elder children and teenagers:

  • learn to dive with “Try Scuba” professional diving instructor (Druskininkai Water Park);
  • have fun in parkour and gymnast areas, in the park of BMX bikes, skateboards, inline skates and scooters in the Druskininkai Youth Employment Center;
  • ride bicycles, electric scooters, velomobiles… In the warm season, you can find rental points in Vilnius avenue and by Lake Druskonis;
  • try Thai massage, skin care treatments, saunas and other spa services.


When registering for the camp, it is necessary to specify information about the camper: child’s name and surname; the country and language (-es) the child speaks; the child’s age; the day you wish to reserve; mark if the child is a vegetarian or vegan. All information about the camp will be sent by e-mail. by mail to registered participants.


Lithuanians like traditional dishes that have been made using potatoes, cereals, and meat. The most popular dishes in our region are cold beetroot soup, potato dumplings (which are also known as Zeppelins), smoked chopped meat with garlic and pepper (known as Skilandis), and tree cake (Šakotis). In regional cuisine restaurants you can also find potato or buckwheat pancakes with sour cream, herring with mushroom sauce, peas with pig’s leg, and fried bread with garlic. And, of course, beer or kvass from own brewery.

Etno dvaras is located in the centre of Druskininkai, in a calm and picturesque area on the shore of Druskonis Lake. We invite you to spend some time in a cozy atmosphere of the old Lithuanian manor decorated with natural wood elements, old graphics and pictures from authentic books. Enjoy the sounds of Lithuanian music and wonderful view of the lake and a green forest in the distance. We offer meals that have been certified by the Fund of Culinary Heritage of Lithuania, and invite you to taste authentic dishes of major ethnographic regions of Lithuania.

Restaurant „Romnesa“ – the place which is worth visiting for a delicious meal and seeing the world’s only museum called Šakotis (Tree Cake) museum. The restaurant is a member of the European culinary heritage, inviting you to taste traditional European and Lithuanian dishes.

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Discover Dzukija’s culinary heritage award-winning café „Senasis Nemunas“. In the café of Lithuanian national dishes you can taste herring in cranberry sauce, various potato dishes – Dzūkian food, mushroom dumplings, as well as mushroom dishes: chanterelles with cracklings, boletus in cream sauce and other dishes typical of Dzukija region. We also offer Lithuanian bottled kvass or other traditional drinks.

Choose the perfect place for lunch, supper or a cup of coffee here.

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