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Each year hundreds of business events, seminars, and forums are organised in Druskininkai. Here annual meetings take place for Lithuanian dentists, conferences are held by the Lithuanian Computer Society and the Chess Congress, and other international events are also organised. In 2019, Druskininkai was selected as the location for the conference of the European Committee of Regions.

At any one time Druskininkai’s conference halls can accommodate more than 4,000 participants. The largest conference centres in the resort are able to accommodate between 800-900 people. The halls are professionally equipped. The biggest advantage of choosing Druskininkai is that business trips can be combined with SPA treatments and active leisure time.

The infrastructure in Druskininkai’s town centre also provides the opportunity to organise major sporting events. Every year events such as the LTeam Winter Sports Festival, the MTB Bike Marathon Cup, the Lithuanian Triathlon Cup, the Wrestling Championships, the Drifting Championships, the All-Terrain Vehicle Championships, and other major events all take place in Druskininkai.


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