Druskininkai for Children


The day you’ve been looking forward to for such a long time is finally here, so you and your family are now on your way to Druskininkai. You could relax and enjoy the moment but it has to be accepted that taking trips with children can deliver not only moments of joy and some wonderful experiences but also some moments of great challenge. How can you possibly make everyone happy? How can you make the children put down their smartphones and instead take part in a common adventure? Who will take care of your children if you want to take time for yourself?

Let’s start with the littlest children. It is precisely for them that the largest Lithuanian family entertainment centre was established, O kas čia (‘What is this?’ in English). From Pirate Island to Fairy Manor, everything in here invites them to discover their own dream world. Children are cared for by careful personnel dressed as heroes from famous tales.

There are even more attractions in the children’s space which is located in Druskininkai’s Aqua Park. Children here can enjoy pools filled with sea water (with salinity levels around 17g/l) and a special steam sauna. ‘In our park, families with children will find a large number of activities for the little ones: a two-floor space with three slides which is intended for the tiniest of kids, plus a cascade, a monkey bridge, caves, a pool with sea sand, and the Karakum family-friendly sauna. Families here can enjoy a programme with citrus fruits and exotic scents, and a programme for children,’ says Edmundas Antanaitis, manager of Druskininkai’s Aqua Park. Parents can have fun with their children or book a childcare service.

Children aged between 3-12 years are welcome to visit the DruFunPark amusement park which is located in the Snow Arena. There are four playing levels here in which children can safely enjoy themselves to their heart’s desire: they will find slides, labyrinths, a trampoline, sledge mountains, a carousel, a tower, stairs and bridges… Children are cared for by nannies.

Perhaps your child is full of energy and is somewhat difficult to control? If the answer to this is ‘yes’ then it is time to explore the UNO Adventure Park. Separate trails and various obstacles between the trees are intended for children. You can calmly enjoy the trails that are intended for adults because your children will be constantly cared for by instructors.

A smaller, free space for climbing and playing can be found at the Karolis Dineika Wellness Park.

If the weather turns bad and you are looking for entertainment under cover then why not check out the Illusion rooms or an inverted house and discover the world of optical illusion. These entertaining presentations will be more interesting for children who are over six years of age.

Parents with little children may also want to take a ride on the cheerful little Druskininkai train which travels through the most beautiful places around the resort.

For older children and teens we can offer the following choices:

  • learn to ski at the DrusSkiSchool, which is located in the Snow Arena;
  • learn to dive with a professional diving instructor at the Try Scuba (in Druskininkai’s Aqua Park);
  • learn about SUP (Stand Up Paddle) rowing techniques;
  • get off the ground by cable car or along the trails of the UNO Adventure Park;
  • go for it in the parkour and gymnast areas or on a BMX bicycle, skateboarding, roller-skating, and using a scooter in the park that can be found in Druskininkai’s Youth Activity Centre;
  • ride bicycles, electric scooters, and velomobiles… In the warmer months rental points can be found on Vilnius Alėja and near Lake Druskonis;
  • try out Thai massage, skincare treatments, saunas, and other SPA services.

Druskininkai can of course offer many more services and much more entertainment for children. If you would like to find out more about the available options then please contact our Tourism and Business Information Centre.

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