Druskininkai Tourism Days 2021 – The Capital Of Tourism


On September 24-26, Druskininkai will embark on a journey of unforgettable experiences, images and mystical sounds – the guests and residents of the resort will be surprised again by the “Druskininkai Tourism Days“. A week of gourmet experiences await the guests of the tourism weekend – from Druskininkai colored in audiovisual art to impressive concerts.

The Audio-Visual Interpretation Of The Resort In The Heart Of The City – The Vilnius Alley


The journey of elements that began last year will bring even more mysteriously colored magic to Druskininkai. The most important accent remains the transformation of the heart of the city, Vilnius Alley, into an alley full of digital art – sound, light and video, connecting the most important objects of the city. Audiovisual interpretations will make Vilnius alley beat with a unified musical rhythm. The participants of the tourism days will not only witness an impressive spectacle but they will also be able to take a trip through the autumn evenings of the resort surrounded by all kinds of sounds. Revived legends, a delicate balance between calm and intensity, musical symphony of the night – all of this is possible during the tourism days in Druskininkai.

A Series Of Gourmet Experiences Await The Participants Of The Tourism Days

The journey of lights and sounds will envelop the city in a veil of secret, but the Druskininkai Tourism Days will help you reveal the secrets in the most unexpected ways. In the exclusive space of the city, filled with the spirit of the creator M.K Čiurlionis, night readings of his works will take place at the monument to M. K. Čiurlionis. Hiking and theatrical tours will allow you to discover the resort’s legendary locations. An autumn picnic surrounded by nature will evoke gourmet sensations. Orienteering walks will provide an opportunity to get to know the city in the form of a game.

It will be possible to awaken your inner creativity as well as unleash your imagination during open days in the workshops of the craft center “Menų kalvė”, in Druskininkai museums and educational programs, as well as in the exhibitions during the tourism days.

Searches for Čiurlionis’ Zodiacs and Fluxus reflections of the Resort

Druskininkai tourism days are unique – they reveal the diverse abundance of resort tourism products and select experiences. In addition, various artists are not afraid to experiment, to look for opportunities to combine various artistic techniques and disciplines, to allow guests and residents of the city to look at the city from unfamiliar perspectives.

It is no coincidence that on Saturday, tourism gourmets will be delighted by the piano masters brothers Bazaar and their program “Zodiac”, during which the  they interpret composer’s M. K. Čiurlionis’ works in a contemporary way – each of the jazz, rock, electronic music elements are recomposed based on M. K. Čiurlionis’ works for piano in a unique way. Combining music with painting, the brothers give each of their works a name from M. K. Čiurlionis’ theme of paintings called “Zodiac”.

Improvisations will continue with the dynamic and lively spectrum of electronic music that will flood the city – from modern classics and ambient journeys to ethnic inspirations and refreshing experiments. The search will be made meaningful by a free screening of Jonas Mekas’ film “Memories from a Trip to Lithuania” at the M. K. Čiurlionis Museum.

Snow Arena’s birthday, free “SEL” concert and other offers

This year’s tourism days coincide with the 10th anniversary of one of the most important tourism objects in Druskininkai – Snow Arena. An exclusive gift for the residents and guests of Druskininkai is a grandiose and free concert of the group “SEL” near the Snow Arena.

You can find the Druskininkai Tourism Days 2021 program, special offers, virtual map and all the necessary information at http://druskininkai.lt/en

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