The Festival of Daffodils


At the beginning of April, the greens of Vijūnėlė Park turn into an endless sea of white blossoms, one which looks more and more impressive each year and which attracts more and more visitors and photographers.

The history of this park began in autumn 2011, when the first 130,000 daffodils were planted. In the following year the park’s display was supplemented by an avenue of Japanese sakuras (cherry blossoms) which had been planted in memory of Bronislovas Lubys. Twenty sakuras were donated to the resort by Lyda Lubienė, widow of the prominent Lithuanian businessman and an honorary citizen of Druskininkai. A frost-resistant breed of sakuras was selected by Kęstutis Ptakauskas, a well-known expert in Japanese gardens and bonsai.

In 2014, when the resort was celebrating its 220th anniversary, Vijūnėlė Park was already accommodating 220,000 blooming daffodils, a thousand for each year of the resort’s existence.

In 2019, daffodils have occupied almost the entire vacant space in the park: now half a million fragile spring flowers grow and bloom here.

In the second half of April, the park hosts the Festival of Blooming Daffodils which is celebrated with live music, theatrical excursions, and performances by circus artists, such as jugglers, clowns, and gymnasts, which are intended for children.

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