Top 10 Reasons To Visit Druskininkai


Druskininkai is a Lithuanian resort that is popular all year round. Both on warm days and in cool weather, you can indulge in a whole range of activities here, both individually and in the family circle. It is even better that both young and old will have a great time here, because Druskininkai offers various forms of both active rest and peaceful relaxation. As proof of this, we present the top 10 reasons why you should come to Druskininkai.

A unique wellness park

Druskininkai has been known as the spa and resort capital of Lithuania for over 225 years. You can take care of your health all year round, regardless of the season or the weather. One of the attractions is existing since 1930 and recently restored Karolis Dineika Wellness park. The clean air of a pine forest, hiking and biking trails, cascading swimming pools, sports fields and outdoor gyms, meditation and yoga terraces are just some of the advantages of this park. There is also a public sauna with an ionization pavilion at the guests’ disposal. What is this? Read on and you’ll find out everything.

The air is cleaner than in the mountains

Druskininkai has become popular thanks to its healing springs, but the microclimate in the resort is also unique. There are no industrial centers or other sources of pollution nearby, so the pine forests surrounding the city clean the air well and saturate it with essential oils. For even better oxygenation, it is worth visiting the already mentioned K. Dineika wellness park and the ionization pavilion inside, where you breathe even cleaner air, saturated with negative ions, the concentration of which in the pavilion is almost 100 times higher than in the mountains.

Health resort full of sanatoriums and SPA centers

For hundreds of years, people have been coming to Druskininkai for health treatments. The knowledge of local specialists, passed down from generation to generation, is constantly enriched with the latest solutions and methods. From mud baths to amber therapies, from sauna rituals to healing music, from a huge selection of massages to a cryo-chamber and many other health treatments that can be found in one city. In Druskininkai you will find treatment for a variety of diseases. For example there are treatments using: salt, honey, pine extracts, stones, clay, oils, oxygen … In total, over 400 types of various treatments are performed here, the most modern diagnostic equipment is used, and completely unique therapies are used. The treatment of body and soul is done in Druskininkai not only by historical health centers, but also by numerous sanatoriums and SPA centers.

Villas that you can not only admire, but also live in them

From time to time, visitors of Druskininkai can see various stunning and beautiful wooden villas. Druskininkai, which came under Polish rule in the first half of the 20th century, did not resist the influence of the Swiss style, later the architects of the local wooden houses eagerly used the Zakopane style. Today, most of these villas have been restored, thanks to which they still successfully decorate the resort and delight the eyes of passers-by. Some of them operate today as hotels or private rental accommodations.

Tropics all year round

The climate of the region is by no means tropical, but it does not mean that you cannot lie under palm trees all year round in Druskininkai. The largest oasis of water entertainment in the Baltic States – the Aquapark – will appeal to both children and adults. The children’s favorite entertainment area is separate from the adult spa and sauna area. And when the parents rest, the children are under professional care. This is another, but not the only, reason why families are willing to vacation in Druskininkai. After all, every family member deserves some rest!

Winter entertainment all year round

The fact that the resort is green with palm trees and you can relax here at 30 °C 365 days a year is perhaps less surprising than the fact that you can always find Snow here. The Snow Arena is a project unique in the Baltic states: the capital of winter entertainment, where you can come at any time and experience the advantages of a winter mountain resort. In addition to closed and open-air ski trails, you can also find a meadow for children, a restaurant, a bar, ski equipment and clothing rentals, and many other attractions. This place will definitely surprise you.

Bird’s eye view

Such a cable way is the only one in Lithuania. It connects two of Druskininkai’s key places from the point of view of holidaymakers: the Aquapark, with a tropical climate all year round, and the Snow Arena winter entertainment complex, where it is always winter. The journey (45 meters) from one river bank to the other between the trees takes about 8 minutes. During this time, you will be able to admire spectacular views: the city panorama,forests and the Nemunas bend.

A chance to return to the past

It seems that there is no such attraction that the Druskininkai resort cannot offer. It turns out that time travel should be added to the list of all attractions. Next to the city there is a unique themed museum in Lithuania, where we can find countless symbols of the Soviet occupation in the open air. Although this period was really difficult for Lithuania, some people get nostalgic during a trip to Grūtas Park. There is a café nearby where you can taste “Soviet” food and drinks … By the way, children who have no idea about those times are delighted with the zoo there.

Rich cultural program

The year in Druskininkai starts with the LTeam Winter Olympic Festival, where competitions are held in various disciplines: from mountaineering to curling. In spring, the Daffodil Festival is celebrated here and the city is drowning in a sea of ​​flowers. There is a bicycle marathon in May. The summer season kicks off with the city festival – concerts and exhibitions are held throughout the resort, and the shores of Lake Druskonis shine with lasers, fireworks and fire shows. Concerts are also played here throughout the summer – this year you could also watch them from a boat on the lake. In August, dog breeders meet in Druskininkai at an international dog show. At the end of September you can take part in the Tourism days event. From spring to autumn, an open-air cinema is located in the center of the resort, on Halloween the downtown, apart from a musical fountain, is decorated with an exhibition of pumpkins, and during the biggest holidays of the year – Christmas trees.

Lots of culinary attractions

Many holiday impressions are remembered by our sense of taste. In Druskininkai you can also experience unique culinary adventures. During a visit to the resort, first of all, you need to taste the dishes of mushrooms and berries – these are the main ingredients of regional dishes that determine its character, and it used to be a source of livelihood for the inhabitants during the old days. It is also worth visiting the famous cheese farm and learning the secrets of its production. In addition, lovers of culinary experiences will find countless interesting places – from Velvetti, one of the best restaurants in Lithuania, to the popular Toli Toli.

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