Druskininkai for Free: TOP10 Options


Not everybody knows where and when in Druskininkai they can get in for free, or at least for a token fee. On this page you’ll find the best leisure options and useful services that are provided in Druskininkai, none of which will burden your pocket.

Important: before coming, please check the information on the website for the particular institution or contact the Druskininkai tourism and business information centre.


1. Free entry to Druskininkai’s Aqua Park

If you go to Druskininkai with your family or friends, you may get a free ticket! The eleventh, twenty-second, and thirty-third person in any group will receive their entertainment for free. It’s worth travelling together!

Sauna space for the same price as water entertainment space
During technical maintenance periods at Druskininkai’s Aqua Park, tickets for the sauna space (B) will be sold at the same price as those for the water entertainment space (C), ie significantly cheaper than the normal price. Technical maintenance is usually organised in November. Information on maintenance work and ticketing procedures is available on the Druskininkai Aqua Park website.

2. Cable cars for only one euro

The unique and entertaining Cableway ride is one on which you  can observe Druskininkai from the clouds. The ride normally costs five euros for a round trip. How can you do that for just one euro?

  • Purchase your ticket for the trip to Druskininkai online via Kautra intercity bus.
  • Present your Kautra bus ticket to the member of staff at the hoist terminal. You can display it either on your phone or as a printed ticket.
  • You can redeem this offer once within three days of departure.
  • For only one euro you can take a round trip on the Cableway.

3. Free exercises

At the beginning of the warm season, starting at around the end of April, look out for free classes at the Karolis Dineika Wellness Park. Dance and Zumba, breathing, coordination and endurance exercises, spine stretching and back strengthening exercises, traditional and Nordic walking hikes, and other physical activities are organised right up until the late autumn.

Body-hardening classes are also organised during the winter. Laimutė Butkevičienė, head of the Sportas visiems club, would be more than happy to see everyone exercise and hardening their bodies, every morning, all year round, to K Dineika’s methodology.

4. Free light and sound show

You can order the melody used by Druskininkai’s musical fountain by sending the right code via SMS for the price of 2.9 euros. However, up to fourteen times a day you can enjoy fountain shows for free: a random tune is played every hour, starting at 10:00 when the fountain is turned on to the last show at 23:00. We recommend coming after dark so that the dance of light looks especially impressive and vivid.


5. Free health and beauty treatments

In Druskininkai you will find one mineral water spring that does not cost a thing. However, one cannot drink it because the concentration of salt and other minerals in it exceeds 50g/l, which is almost twice as high as the average salinity levels of sea water and seven times higher than the salinity levels in the Baltic Sea! In Europe there are only a few brines, such as Druskininkai’s Grožis’ spring water. The spring is located alongside the River Nemunas and is available all year round. Its water has rejuvenating and antiphlogistic properties, and it is great for facial skin (protect your eyes!) and gargling.


6. Free historical tour

If you are interested in history and the monuments of the last few centuries make your heart beat faster, you could do worse than visit the old cemetery in Druskininkai. Here you can find the graves of such families as Čiurlionis, Dineika, Giuliani, Wolfgang, and Pileckis. To the left of the main gate you will see Orthodox graves of the nineteenth century while the old Catholic graves are in the centre. The right-hand part of the cemetery is dedicated to the graves of the second half of the twentieth century. About a kilometre south of the old cemetery it is possible to find some preserved Jewish tombstones which are located in the pine forest near Druskininkai’s camping site.

More information about the history of Druskininkai and its famous people can be found in the Druskininkai Town Museum. Entrance costs two euros, with one euro for concessions.


7. Follow traces of the artists for free

On the last Sunday of each month you can enjoy free admission to the M K Čiurlionis Memorial Museum and the V K Jonynas Gallery. You can find traces of M K Čiurlionis elsewhere as well: the town has an open exhibition of reproductions of the work of this genius artist. Exhibition stands can be found in the health centre parks, next to the town’s main street, and in other places.


8. Free tourist information

In order to make the resort easy and enjoyable to visit, please feel free to use the services being offered by the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Centre. By visiting the administration office at Gardino Street 3 or the subdivision office at Čiurlionio Street 65 you will be able to get hold of a free city map, cycling path route information, and all the other information that you may not have found online or in various publications.


9. Free events

Most public events take place on Entertainment Square, or the K Dineika Wellness Park, or on the strand alongside Lake Druskonis (near the town museum), and in Vijūnėlė Park. All of these events are open, providing free participation. The most beautiful and spectacular events of the year are the Festival of Blooming Narcissuses (at the end of April), the three-day Druskininkai resort celebration which is opened by the spectacular march (at the end of May), the outdoor film festival (during the warmer months on Entertainment Square), the Cake Tournament (at the end of June) , the International Dog Show (in the first weekend of August at the town’s aerodrome), the Dainava’s Folklore Festival and the Cheese Festival (mid-August), the Tourism Gourmand Fiesta (at the end of September), and the Christmas Tree Park (in December and January).


10. Free parking

It is safe to leave your car in Druskininkai’s Old Town, where parking will be free. Free parking is also available next to the Druskininkai Town Museum, near the Druskininkai Tourism and Business Information Centre (at Gardino Street 3), next to the Park Bridge (at Druskininkai’s Aqua Park), and outside the shopping centres. We recommend that you leave your car for the day and travel around the town on foot or by bicycle, with the latter being rented at the special bicycle rental point.

The map legend: blue “P” signs are for free parkings, red “P” signs are for paid parkings.

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