Druskininkai is surrounded by pine forests and oak groves. Underground lakes with mineral water saturate the ground with salt. The wind mixes cocktails of pine needles and primroses in the air, taking away emotional toxicity. And the sun takes away your stress. The energy of the resort is saturated by the elements of nature, and they have become the basis for the most modern treatment and rehabilitation programs.

Power of water: Druskininkai uses 30 million liters of mineral water every year

Mineral water in Druskininkai is obtained through deep springs and then the mineral water is for pools, baths, pump rooms of sanatoriums and SPA’s.

300 years ago, mineral water springs were discovered in Druskininkai, which have healing properties, and since then there have been thousands of ways of using it to treat and restore youth and beauty. Almost every medical SPA and wellness centres have their own wells of mineral water.

More than 30 million liters of mineral water are used there annually. Natural mineral water must be diluted in order to drink. In various proportions, it aids in treating many diseases.

To enhance the healing effect in the baths, mineral water is ozonized, ginger, iodine, seaweed, extracts of pine, nettle, birch leaves and buds, juniper, fir, lavender, thyme, rosemary are added.

Turpentine has a warming effect and relieves pain, cranberries are used for youth and vitality, milk – for beauty, chocolate – as an aphrodisiac. Baths are complemented by massages with and in water, inhalations, contrast cascades, kinesitherapy on underwater exercise machines.

Power of earth: the magic of black and white healing mud

Healing mud dissolved in mineral water has been the brand of the Druskininkai resort for several centuries. Under cities health resort, just like in a mine, whole deposits of peat and sapropel are stored (a layer of silt under peat bogs). Special escalators deliver tons of “black gold” upstairs to prepare mud baths, mud boots and mittens.

Oily mud envelops, easily penetrates the skin, activates all processes in the body, heals wounds, cleanses and nourishes. More than 50% of it consists of organic substances, and its moisture content can reach 90%.

The forces of the earth are also the strength of meadow herbs, flowers and forests, the strength of amber and salt, the strength of fresh hay, cereals and … buckwheat bread. By the way, in Dzukija ritual dishes were prepared from buckwheat, they baked pancakes, sprinkled rye bread. Until now, buckwheat in these places has a sacred meaning and is considered daily bread. Today, this cereal is used as a means for healing for massages, good sleep and for entertainment – in the summer the resort will host the Buckwheat Road festival.

Power of air: take a breath of fresh air

Breathe freely, easily, with your whole body – during the pandemic, this rule formed the basis of new health programs. They include individual sets of procedures and exercises, oxygen therapy for rehabilitation after covid, and even weightlessness meditation in special capsules.

For example, during oxygen therapy (inhalation of air with a high concentration of oxygen), oxygen supply to tissues improves, metabolism in cells and tissues is activated, sleep, thinking, vision, and hearing improve. The procedure is especially effective in chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and circulatory system.

In the salt rooms (they are available in almost all SPA’s and wellness centres) you can breathe the sea air, and in Amberton Green SPA you can find Hypoxico, a special therapy where high-altitued in simulated.

But there is another trump card in Druskininkai. Oxygen. Fresh air at any time of the year. Today it is filled with aromas of pine, melting snow, and primroses.

Or come to the daffodil field in the center of the resort, where the energies of earth, water, air and sun are mixed. In April, hundreds of thousands of daffidols bloom here, the space is saturated with special light projections and aromas.

Power of Fire: Restore the disturbed balance of power within a few hours

In Druskininkai, the energy of the sun systematically heals the body and restores mental health since the time of Dr. Evgenia Levitskaya. At the beginning of the last century, she proved that sunbathing is an excellent protection against a variety of diseases.

Innovative experiments by Evgenia Levitskaya have become the norm today in the health park named after Karolis Dineika, another Lithuanian founder of healthy lifestyle principles. Here you will find: a solar path, terraces, solarium, ionotherapy. Physical education classes are held here on the pebbles of the Ratnyčėlė River, meditations are held as well as jogging, and the Ratnyčėlė bank near the cascades turns into a beach in summer.

In the Druskininkai water park there is a beach all year round and tropical heat of 30 degrees. In the most extreme sasuna called “country” ice with oranges are used for you to breathe in the air, and 300 kilograms of stones are reach temperature of 90 degrees. The “Alka” sauna is heated by an open fire, and there is a jacuzzi and an ice pool right there in the yard.

The power of fire is embedded in many spa programs at the resort. For example, with Baltic amber, which keeps the warmth of the sun since prehistoric times. Amber is heated to boost immunity, speed up recovery and slow down the aging process. Spa complexes use amber scrubs, oils, saunas, and reflexology treatments.

Twice a year, in March on Mardi Gras and in June on Joninės in Druskininkai, they return to pagan rites, using the power of fire as a cleansing and getting rid of evil, negative energy, and diseases.

For more information about Druskininkai visit: www.druskininkai.lt/en