Druskininkai Present Their New City Brand and Visual Identity: Discover Your “New Me”


In the largest and oldest Lithuanian resort Druskininkai, the traditions of health and wellness have been cherished for three centuries. The official date of the establishment of the Druskininkai resort is 1794. June 20, when, by the order of Stanislovas Augustas Poniatovskis, after the doctor of the palace examined the healing properties of Druskininkai mineral water, Druskininkai was declared a healing area by a royal decree.

Starting from the summer season, Druskininkai presents a new brand for the city that reflects the resort’s long-standing health traditions, which are constantly nurtured even today. When creating the new brand we did not want to deviate from the essence of Druskininkai which is the continuation of traditions and the harmony that has been cherished for centuries, therefore the most important detail of the new Druskininkai logo as well as the most recognizable symbols of the resort is a mineral water pump room with a stream of gushing mineral water.

According to the mayor of Druskininkai municipality Ričardas Malinauskas, taking into account the latest trends, we wanted to improve the brand, make it more attractive and easier to recognize. “Druskininkai is famous as a resort that can offer a wide range of services: here you will discover not only sanatorium and wellness tourism, but also unique entertainment, sports tourism, cultural events. We combine centuries-old traditions with the latest technologies. We are proud of our nature, and one of the most important values is the people of Druskininkai and their vast experience. We have a lot to be proud of – conveying all this subtly and tastefully was one of the most important tasks in creating the new brand. I think we have succeeded.”.

Harmony that anyone can discover

The symbol of mineral water in the new Druskininkai logo appears not by coincidence – this source of health, energy and the most valuable wonder of nature is important for Druskininkai not only as one of the healing elements. There are many reasons for the magical attraction of Druskininkai, but the main and essential element of nature that has given rise to this unique resort is, without a doubt, water. If we say that Druskininkai was born from the springs of mineral water, we would certainly not be mistaken – the same is said in the legends about the emergence of Druskininkai.

Druskininkai is richly endowed with nature – it is not only mineral water, but also healing mud, stunningly clean pine forest air. The harmony of nature and man is also reflected in the new brand visual identity. In creating it, a personal sustainability project has been taken into account, which is aided by the natural health elements of Druskininkai. The main goal of the resort, the doctors and health professionals working here has always been to maintain harmony in the human body and soul. Therefore, in the new logo you will find a circle that unites this harmony arising from nature, which envelops everyone who comes to Druskininkai.

The mineral water pump room also symbolizes the traditions and rich history of the resort – its strong columns reflect the unbroken relationship with the past and the strength that comes from it. Every guest of the resort can feel confident – here nature, man and centuries-old traditions work together for the sake of health and wellness.

Surrounded by nature to discover your “new me”

Healing traditions that have been nurtured for centuries are more important now than ever. Whatever your personal health and sustainability goals you have, the natural health elements of Druskininkai help you achieve them, thus a visit to the resort becomes the best investment in yourself and your health.

The different color derivatives of the new visual identity of Druskininkai symbolize the diversity of Druskininkai nature: the merging and intertwining elements of land, air and water. In this diversity lies the peace, cleanliness and refreshment hidden in Druskininkai, which are subtly conveyed by color transitions.

Speaking about the new visual identity of Druskininkai, the advisor to the mayor of Druskininkai Simonas Kazakevičius also emphasizes the innovativeness of Druskininkai: “Druskininkai is always in favor of renewal, looking for something to surprise its guests with. Druskininkai is the first in Lithuania to offer many formats of entertainment, services or cultural events. We are innovators, he adds. – And the old brand and visual identity no longer reflected all the strengths of Druskininkai, so it was decided to renew not only the brand, but also the entire visual identity, which will allow to recognize Druskininkai from the harmony of appropriate shapes, colors and patterns.“

A visit to Druskininkai is often equated with a feeling of “rebirth” – everyone who comes here not only refreshes the body, but also cleans the mind and renews creative energy. “New Me” – these are the words that can be seen in the new video presenting the visual identity of Druskininkai. This is what the renewed Druskininkai resort invites you to discover – your new self, which is often hidden after everyday worries and the fast pace of modern life.

Interestingly, the story of the emergence of the video and music track introducing the new resort brand is tied to a coincidence. When creating a video that radiated harmony, we wanted an exclusive soundtrack that would reflect the mysterious and sometimes mystical elements of Druskininkai. The song “Entai” by the group “Abudu”, which perfectly corresponds to this vision, was heard on … radio. The song, which has an enchanting and subtle harmony starting from the first chords has been inspired by Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” and this song perfectly matched the essence of Druskininkai. Druskininkai extends it’s gratitude to the group “Abudu” for the joint project.

The mysterious language of nature and the hope of meeting it. Sources of magical health sources. Health traditions that have been cherished for centuries. Among the centuries-old pine forests, the wellness springs resort, city of Druskininkai welcomes every guest as a good friend and invites them to discover a their “new me”.

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