Introduction of quarantine in Lithuania


In Lithuania since 16 March. until March 30 quarantine is introduced. Lithuanian citizens who have departed still have time to return. The quarantine will take effect at midnight on Monday, after which the quarantine period may be extended.

What will be prohibited:

1. It is forbidden for foreigners to enter, except for the delivery of necessary goods, crew members, family members of Lithuanian citizens, persons entitled to live and work in Lithuania, diplomats, representatives of NATO missions.
2. Reduction of border crossing points through which Lithuania may enter.
3. Citizens of Lithuania shall be prohibited from traveling to any country affected by coronavirus by any means of transport. Traveling abroad for non-business purposes is prohibited.
4. Prohibition of shops except grocery stores, pharmacies, specialized veterinary pharmacies, food markets.
5. The activity of cafes and bars is prohibited except for the service of taking away food.
6. Public events in enclosed and open spaces are prohibited.
7. It is prohibited to enter cruise ships into the port of Klaipeda.
8. It is prohibited for public administrations to provide unnecessary services.
9. Patients’ access to health care facilities (except polio care) and to prisoners shall be prohibited.
10. It is forbidden to provide spa, rehabilitation services, if they are not related to treatment, hairdressing and beauty salons.
11. Limit the number of passengers on coaches and trains to maintain the required distance between passengers. It is recommended that this be extended to urban transport.
12. Hotels will have to enter people’s quarantine if necessary (paid for by the state).
13. Educational institutions remain closed.
14. Scheduled surgeries in medical institutions, except for the necessary medical care, cancellation of rehabilitation, dental services, scheduled vaccinations (except for the provision of emergency care).
15. Workers from both the public and private sectors are advised to work from home. Customer service is only available in exceptional cases.
16. Religious communities are advised not to organize public rites.

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