Top-5 Reasons To Choose Druskininkai in The Summer


We have already put sun loungers on the terraces, dried herbs and birch buds for tea, did not forget about ice after the sauna and milk with rose petals for the spa.

It’s time to create your own recreation program in Druskininkai. After all, this season at the resort is special: the priority is to immerse yourself in your own personal map of desires during the summer.

Sanatoriums, clinics, beauty centers, hotels, estates, terraces of restaurants and coffee houses and water park have been opened … The resort awaits guests with a “passport of opportunities” for those who are vaccinated or have had Covid-19 and are now cured of it. Before arriving, do not forget to fill out the form in order to receive a code that confirms that you can come to Lithuania (https://keleiviams.nvsc.lt/en/form).

Sanatorium programs: even more treatment procedures and complexes, and discounts are offered until the end of autumn

Jacuzzis are working, the pools are filled with mineral water. In the Druskininkai sanatoriums, they are tuned not only for treatment and rehabilitation, but also for serenity.

Sanatorium include dozens of medical procedures. The doctor will select individual programs that combine treatment and baths, massages, physiotherapy, activity, meditation and relaxation. Natural aromatherapy is added, because Druskininkai is filled with aromas of forest, flowers and herbs.

Feature of the season: discounts on universal and personal recreation and treatment complexes – and it doesn’t matter if you decide to spend 2 nights in the sanatorium or the whole vacation.

Special offers for children. In the sanatorium “Egle“, for example, in June of this year, children aged 5 to 15 years can live with their parents in a room free of charge, receive food, thermotherapy, hydrotherapy in the pool all June. Children under 7 years old can live, eat and visit the water park of the sanatorium at Grand Spa Lietuva with their parents free of charge. Discounts are subject to change, so don’t miss out on them!

The answer to the Japanese emperor. Druskininkai knows how to restore peace of mind after quarantine

Sometimes it is enough to undergo a course of therapeutic massage to breathe easily and stay in a state of euphoria. And while receiving your massages you may not even suspect that you receiving it from a winners of different competitions around the world. There really are such specialists among the staff of sanatoriums in Druskininkai.

But there are much more offers for mental rehabilitation at the resort than a therapeutic massage. Each sanatorium, beauty parlor, spa has its own anti-stress and anti-aging secrets that complement treatment and recovery.

Аюрведические практики расслабления, тайны красоты и достижения равновесия японских императоров, сочетание азиатских медицинских концепций, техник и… языческих омолаживающих ритуалов с банями, янтарем, камнями, травами, маслами…

In the Druskininkai health resort facility, for example, a whole “Circle of Health” was invented. It includes saunas, a workout in a mineral water pool, a sauna, mud baths, healing showers, salt baths, body scrub and, finally, relaxation with a cup of herbal tea.

In the K. Dineika wellness park, old traditions have returned: sunbathing on the banks of the Ratničėlė River has turned into a ritual with cascades, solarium, strong steam and ionotherapy.

In Druskininkai you can fly …

… And even dine on a hot air balloon flight. This offer is available again this summer.

In addition to aeronautics, you can fly over the Nemunas river in the UNO Adventure Park or “jump” off a steep slide in the water park. The water park was reopened after quarantine, renovated, and programs were added (for example, a pink grapefruit scrub).

There is another option for flying over the river and the resort – there is a cableway leading from the water park to the Snow Arena.

Get more than just procedures on vacation

In summer, even a short vacation in Druskininkai will not be complete without interesting events: musical, ethnographic, culinary and even theater festivals are planned for the 2021 season, most often in the open air format.

On June 19-20, the Cake Festival will return. Famous chefs and pastry chefs will compete, dozens of restaurants will hold tasting.

June 19 – the opening of the XIX International Festival of Arts “Druskininkai Summer with M. K. Čiurlionis”, concerts of live classical music can be listened to until August.

June 23 – Joninės, on the shortest night of the year, the most mystical holiday in the resort: the search for a fern flower, pagan rituals, fortune telling, bonfires and folk songs of Dzūkija region.

In August, a festival is being planned, which will feature singing poetry and a theater festival “Summer”.

You can easily plan your rest during your business trip

During the quarantine, Druskininkai suddenly became a place of self-isolation for celebrities and other people. For example a popular culinary blogger Renata Ničajienė, returned to their home. Renata managed to come up with a new competition and did not stop blogging, so there was little time left for hiking to the Nemunas river or cycling. Many simply rented an apartment or booked a hotel to work remotely and be closer to nature. Now, when all the methods of sanatorium treatment are available with the “passport of opportunities”, the possibilities of health improvement and rehabilitation programs have returned.

The summer season has begun, you can plan a vacation in Druskininkai, just do not forget to fill out an online form to receive a QR code, which will serve as confirmation that you can come to Lithuania – https://keleiviams.nvsc.lt/ru/form

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