Which wellness programs are considered as the top ones? Well, you can escape the troubles of your daily routine by coming to Druskininkai and spending your time however you want, either in one of the biggest water parks in the baltic states, or maybe you feel like having a relaxing massage or having a relaxing mineral water bath. All of this and more you will find in Druskininkai, so do not hesitate and come on over!

It is interesting that spring health programs with a therapeutic component are now offered with discounts that are valid in the summer and until the end of the year. It is also important to note that the infrastructure in perfectly suited for remote work, so you can relax and enjoy all of the health and wellness programs and work at the same time if need arises.

Programs are usually divided into mini, midi and maxi, and last from three days to three weeks. The average recovery time is 7-8 days. Let’s  take a look at the procedures you can find.

Complete the “Circle of Health” and let your body restore it’s health.

The “circle of health” in the Druskininkai health resort takes 2.5 – 3 hours. The wellness complex includes: steam bath (10 min.); exercises in the pool with mineral water (20 min.); steam or dry sauna (15 min.); relaxation in the pool with mineral water (20 min.); therapeutic mud applications (15 min.); healing showers: charcot, circulation, ascending (20 min.); salt bath (20 min.); body scrub (10 min.); rest and tea (20 min.). The cost is 30 euros, and if you order a back massage + 30 minutes – 48 euros.

Hello Spring! What can be done in 3 days

The basis of most wellness short programs for three or four days in Druskininkai are massages, physical exercises and therapeutic exercises, a salt room, color and aroma therapy, therapeutic and relaxing baths (from pearl with mineral water and mud to herbal and exotic ones), special inhalations procedures for rehabilitation of your lungs and mandatory consultations with a doctor. About 4-6 procedures per day.

The “Hello Spring” program at the Egle sanatorium is a typical example of such offers with accommodation, meals, access to pools and baths. Similar wellness complexes can be found in other health resorts of the resort, their cost is from 70 euros per person per day.

The Hello Spring program is designed for a minimum of 3 nights and includes 12 treatments. They are prescribed by a doctor, taking into account the state of health of the client. What is included in the complex? Application of peat mud. Therapeutic mineral whirlpool bath. Therapeutic bath: mineral-pearl bath with pine extract. Therapeutic massage: underwater, lymphatic drainage massage and dry massage in the bath. Therapeutic exercises in the group: Nordic walking, therapeutic exercises in water or a vertical bath, therapeutic exercises in the gym. Oxygen therapy. Oxygen-herbal cocktail.

“Breathe Deep”, escape from covid according to a personal program

How to determine that the consequences of covid are still preventing you from living and breathing fully? Main symptoms: fatigue, muscle weakness, respiratory failure, joint pain, memory problems, anxiety, depression.

In Druskininkai, all rehabilitation programs after covid are calculated individually by a doctor, so that you can not only improve your health, but also continue, consolidate the results at home. The cost of such programs starts from 580 euros.

“Breathe Deep” at the Upa medical spa is designed for 7-8 nights – this is an individual treatment and recovery program for everyone who wants to achieve a sustainable improvement in health after illness. Using the example of the main procedures of the complex, one can understand what is offered, with slight differences, in other sanatoriums and medical centers in Druskininkai.

The program includes: therapeutic massage (20 min.), massage of the head and neck and collar area (20 min.) Honey back massage (20 min.) Therapeutic bath to choose from (pine, lavender, lemon balm, algae, white turpentine, iodine-bromine ), application of sea salt saturated with pine essential oils and pine extract, individual kinesitherapy. Group kinesitherapy for diseases of the respiratory system; binaural relaxation, this is when a sound of a different frequency is fed to each ear; audiovisual relaxation; salt room; inhalation (with pine and lavender oils, mineral water, propolis, calendula); physiotherapy / oxygen therapy.

In the other offers, oxygen therapy includes inhalations saturated with essential oils, for example in Dainava. The Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai has “Hypoxico”, a room where you can breathe the air of the mountains. In Eglė Sanatorium, a special RespiCare device increases the range of motion of the chest and the vital capacity of the lungs.

Lose weight using the coordinate system under hypnosis.

Lose weight by the summer season – weight loss programs in Druskininkai have been developed by several sanatoriums. Among them there is an unusual proposal “We lose weight according to the coordinate system” from a psychotherapist – Olga Chitrova at Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai, author of the book “The Taste of Your Emotions”, healthy nutrition consultant, hypnotherapist, EMDR therapist.

The course is designed for a week, 7 nights in a 5-star hotel, and costs from 1972 euros, in a group – no more than 4 people.

The program includes: nutrition according to the detox program; hypnosis (in a group) on the following topics: correction of nutrition, weight and getting rid of emotional blockades; individual physical activity; setting new accents in nutrition; control over the feeling of hunger; getting rid of bad habits (sweet addiction, overeating) + classes on smart simulators with augmented reality that simulate the figure and the ability to breathe the air of the Alps (Hypoxico).

“Spring Detox”, from the Turkish bath to the battle with cholesterol

Detox programs are created in order to remove toxins from the body, strengthen the body and skin, reduce physical and emotional fatigue; improve vitality and performance. And of course they help you lose weight.

Detox programs include diagnostics: a biochemical blood test (determination of the amount of glucose in the blood, total cholesterol and its fractions); assessment of the state of the cardiovascular system (electrocardiogram, bicycle ergometry, in particular).

At the Draugystė sanatorium, the detox program includes weight control and is designed for 7 days. It costs from 700 euros and includes, in addition to accommodation, diet and examinations, every day: underwater massage, 20 minutes, an hour and a half Turkish baths, a jacuzzi and a mineral water pool. You will drink mineral water and choleretic tea with honey, digestive cocktails. For a week, take a steam bath with aromatic herbal extracts, try dry-air baths. You will undergo two procedures of deep bowel cleansing (hydrocolonotherapy). Included relaxation treatments and body massage 20 minutes, exercise twice a day (cycling, Nordic walking or treadmill).

The top 5 programs for wellness and health include typical and unusual spring offers in the Druskininkai resort.

More information about Druskininkai: https://druskininkai.lt/en