Active recreation in Druskininkai


On the water, on the sand, in mineral water, with a bungee and in a snowdrift … On vacation at a Druskininkai resort you will not get bored.

From meditation to extreme sports, from winter to summer and back – activities in Druskininkai are available for different ages, abilities and skills. For the summer season, the resort has developed special “maps” and services, which indicate places and options for active recreation.

Beach map

There are at least 10 equipped beaches in Druskininkai and its surroundings, and it’s not surprising, because Dzūkija is full of rivers and lakes. You will find real southern flavors near the Vijunele Lake, which is located at the center of the resort. Not only is there a sandy beach and clear water of the beach, but also a summer restaurant “Elingas” which offers mussels, Italian icea cream and many other delicacies. There is also a bike path that runs along the beach.

For lovers of solitude, in the forest in the Karolis Dineika park on the bank of the clear Ratnyčėlė river, there is an all-inclusive beach: sun loungers on a wooden deck by the river, umbrellas, a sauna, cascades, ionization, solarium, wonderful herbal tea. The park also has a separate beach volleyball court and outdoor exercise equipment.

You can sunbathe in the water parks and pools of sanatoriums and hotels, and in the Druskininkai water park on the roof there is a beach for nudists. There are private beaches at the campsites at Lake Aviris and at the Fredžio manor. On Lake Ilgis, the public beach was equipped with the help of the European Union: a pier, a large playground, umbrellas, the beach is available for comfortable rest for people with disabilities.

A map of all the lakes in and around Druskininkai can be found here.

Water recreation “map”

In the pools (and there are dozens of them at the resort), you can work out on aqua aerobics and water simulators, learn to swim and even try yourself at diving.

Sanatoriums and spas in recreation areas offer bathing in mineral water. And in the sanatorium Belarus (it works again), “massage beds” were even installed in the water zone

Water skiing can be learnt at Lake Alka. On Vijūnėlė lake you can try yourself at sup-surfing. In the Druskininkai water park and in the Egle sanatorium you can “catch” a sea wave. The resort offers boat, catamaran and scooter rent.

There are a lot of activities that happen on the Nemunas river. For example you go on excursions near the Island of Love (since this is a nature reserve, you cannot get to the island itself) or you can hop onto a steamboat and visit the historic village of Liškiava!

More information can be found on our website: http://druskininkai.lt/en

Bicycle recreation “map”

For the summer season of 2021, 4 cycling routes have been updated in Druskininkai. Including the legendary Star Orbit bike path, where there is lighting and you can ride even at dusk. There are approximately 60 kilometers of bike paths in and around the resort.

On bicycles (scooters, roller skates, segways) you can go around the city center, along the Nemunas, Vijunele Park, Vilnius Alley and visit the Karolis Dineik Health Park.

The surroundings of Druskininkai are also full of discoveries: the panorama of the Island of Love, the unique village of Švendubrė which has the famous Devil’s Stone, the Raigardas Valley, surrounded by legends and loved by MK Čiurlionis. It is easy to find rental points in the center of the resort, in estates, sanatoriums, at hotels, etc.

A map of bicycle paths (.pdf)

Extreme recreation “map”

The Snow Arena opened has finally opened after the quarantine, snow tracks have become available. For those of you who already know how to ski you can choose from different lengths of tracks, but don’t worry, even if you are just a beginner, you can easily learn and improve your skills here. Snow arena offers downhill skiing, snowboarding, snow bicycles, cheesecakes, sledges and many other things! There is also an ice climbing wall.

Uno Adventure Park has 6 different routes for adults – from the Green Trail for warm-ups to the most challenging Black Trail. You will experience even more adrenaline by flying across the Nemunas river, where speeds can reach 55 km/h. The most extreme attraction in the park is a free fall jump from a height of 21 m.

A new basketball court has opened at the Druskininkai Youth Activity Center (JUC). There you can also play table tennis, do parkour, ride BMX bikes, skateboards, roller skates and scooters.

Among the active types of recreation, Druskininkai offers to play tennis and golf.

Meditation “Map”

Jogging and medition of just the begging of things you can do at the health park of Karolis Dineika, the famous doctor balneologist.

Walking barefoot over the pebbles in the stream, bowing to the sun at dawn on the bank of a forest river is another opportunity to find harmony without additional spending. The park also organizes Nordic walking tours.

Yoga classes are offered at Dainava Sanatorium. Yoga lessons are held in Ashtanga, Ha-Tha, Kundalini, Ying, Yang, Ajangar. And also sessions of fitness yoga and “hot” yoga (a series of poses called asanas and breathing exercises are performed at a temperature of 37 degrees in a humid environment).

It’s important  to remember, that a vacation in Druskininkai includes not only mattresses and SPA’s, but the resort also offers the opportunity to feel the power of nature, the energy of water and the forests where negative emotions and the troubles of daily life just simply disappear and all that is left are positive emotions and a relaxed mind and body! No matter what you want, relaxation, extreme sports, beaches, water entertainment, you will find all of this in Druskininkai.

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