How Cheese is Made?


 ‘We were celebrating a hen party and went to Augai Farm to see how cheese is made. We spent three wonderful hours full of fantastic new experiences. Their cheeses are delicious and the owner, Gražina, is just unreal! She is eloquent, extremely sincere, and entirely convivial. Thank you for the amazing time and your lovely good wishes! My highest recommendation is to visit this farm, meet its people, and buy the delicious cheeses.’ Such a review was left by Dovilė on the social profile for Augai Farm.

Augai Farm began its farming activities just fifteen years ago. Now the farm has fourteen cows and its hosts produce various forms of cheese: from regular sweet milk to semi-hard matured and hard, which is fully matured after between four to eight months.

The farm runs workshop called How cheese is made which is intended both for adults and children and which reveals the process of cheese maturation. Visitors can see how goats are milked, take a ride in the carriage, can ride a horse. You will hear first-hand how sweet dairy, blue, fermented, and matured cheeses are made on this Lithuanian farm, and you will also have the opportunity to make cheese with your own hands: programme.


Cheese masterpieces

In August the traditional Cheese Festival is organised in Druskininkai’s Entertainment Square, with it being attended by cheese-makers from Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland.

During the festival’s cheese-making demonstrations, tasting opportunities and competitions are presented to the public. It is also possible to buy top-quality cheese products. Currently this festival attracts over five thousand visitors, and the number is growing every year.

Admire the wonderful masterpieces that are made during the competition that is held at the Cheese Festival. For more beautiful visions please visit the festival’s Facebook profile, @suriufestivalis.

Photos: Augų ūkis, Audronė Zalmonienė, Vaida Genienė

Visit Druskininkai
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