First of all, to revive your mind and body after a prolonged pandemic.

Secondly, here you can always cope with the heat easily and naturally: you will find well-equipped spa facilities and even an indoor ski slope!

Furthermore, you can make a contribution to your health: scrupulous holiday-makers have calculated that 1 euro invested in disease prevention saves 4 euros, which would otherwise be spent on treatment.

The main wealth of Druskininkai is natural factors, which opened the resort to the world. For several centuries, mineral water has been used here for therapeutic water treatments, and the resort’s modern spas and sanatoriums boast mineral water pools.

The second component of the health resort’s success is, of course, the healing mud: black and white, which is used for medicinal purposes, as well as in anti-aging procedures. The first is a product of prolonged decomposition of plant organisms, which activates all processes in the skin, and through it – in the entire body. The second – sapropelic – is silt of organic origin of now existing and already extinct freshwater lakes. In medicine, sapropel has been used since the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks, who called it “land that heals wounds” – in addition to bioactive substances like peat, it contains a rich set of trace elements – iron, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, cobalt, etc. Having adhered to the skin, “smart” mud as if “glues” dead cells, bacteria, harmful substances to itself – cleanses and moisturizes the skin and the body.

It is curious that a lot of vacationers did not pay attention to another trump card of Druskininkai for years, but because of recent events, they remembered and realized that this is the strongest card! … Namely: oxygen, fresh air, which they breathe here, because the city from all the sides is surrounded by the richest pine forest. Even the air heals here!

The merit of Druskininkai is that it was possible to preserve and modernize the method of sanatorium treatment here, one of the best balneologists work here and the latest achievements of rehabilitation medicine are constantly being introduced which means that the resort is constantly developing.

For example, this season Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai opened its doors – the first 5-star Medical & Wellness SPA in Druskininkai, which has chosen prevention and treatment of sleep disorders as its specialization. About a third of the world’s population and, especially, residents of large cities experience sleep problems. No doubt the pandemic will only increase this data. Doctors are confident that insomnia can contribute to the development of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. As a result, the project implemented in Druskininkai found support in the European Union which cost 15 million euros.

The pride of Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai – smart beds with non-contact sleep monitoring technology, simulated high altitude air room ™, somnarium (innovative capsule for energetic daytime sleep) and much more …

One of the novelties of the famous sanatorium “Eglės sanatorija” which is located in Druskininkai is “RespiCare” – a device designed to treat and improve respiratory function, respiratory muscles, increase chest mobility, activate blood circulation, improve lung ventilation and increase the body’s resistance to respiratory diseases.

There is something to be proud of for Grand Spa Lietuva as well. It is one of the largest and most modern health and wellness centres in the Baltic countries, where more than a hundred health procedures are available. The centre also offers services of a clinical diagnostic laboratory, a dental clinic and even a rare opportunity to enjoy unique amber procedures in the Amber Room (“ Gintaro kambarys “).

So as you can see, there shouldn’t even be a question of whether you should come to Druskininkai or not. All you have to do is pick a place where you want to spend your time here, either a SPA, hotel or any other place and enjoy your time in Druskininkai!

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