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“Forest trail” is a part of the European long distance pedestrian route E11 in the Baltic states, going through the most beautiful forests and national parks of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. 

We invite You to try the FOREST TRAIL 54th section of long distance pedestrian route: Didžiasalis  Druskininkai – Žiogeliai. 

Between Didžiasalis village and the resort town of Druskininkai, the Forest Trail leads through a coniferous forest with abundant berry and mushroom spots. Before Druskininkai, the Forest Trail merges with the Nemunas road, turns around the Druskininkai Snow Arena and continues along the pedestrian and bicycle path to the Park Bridge across the Nemunas river. After crossing the bridge, the Forest Trail continues on Maironio street. and continues along the small streets of the historic Druskininkai resort and the park roads, crossing the Ratnyčia river and the forest park on the right bank of the Nemunas. The route behind Veisiejai street goes along the sidewalk of Neravų street and after about 1 km turns left into Sodžiaus street, which at the end of Neravai village becomes a beautiful forest road. This is where Dzūkija National Park begins. The Forest Trail turns around Viečiūnai village, opening a beautiful landscape to the Liškiava monastery on the opposite bank of the Nemunas. The Forest Trail then leads to Žiogeliai village along a beautiful secluded forest road. 

The route can be divided into two parts and spend the night in Druskininkai. It is worth to dedicate one day to explore this city, travel through Nemunas to Liškiava. From Snow Arena to Druskininkai Aqua park (Maironis street) You can travel with cable car and this way shorten the distance by two kilometers. 

More information about the section: Didžiasalis – Druskininkai – Žiogeliai. 

Forest trail route map.

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