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Bicycle Paths

Local cycling paths run approx. 60 km around the town and its green premises. Starting at the town centre, you can choose one of the 4 routes:

  • the Nemunas path (along the banks of the Nemunas river),
  • the Star Orbits path (going to the ethnographic village of Švendubrė and the legendary Raigardas valley),
  • the Žilvinas path (leading to the museum of Soviet sculptures and the Girios aidas forest museum),
  • the Sun path (along the banks of Ratničėlė rivulet).

See below for more detailed paths’ description.

Cycling is welcome in the city area, too. Worth seeing local attractions are the Museum of Town History and Čiurlionis Memorial Museum. Amongst the most eye catching is also Vijūnėlės Park, as well as Music Fountain in the central part of the old town.

Nemunas path

Route length: 4.29km with the option to go further, up to 24km. Duration: about one hour.

Park bridge – UNO Adventure Park – spring – ‘Meilės Sala’ (‘Love Island’) – Tombs of the World War I Soldiers – the aerodrome – the ‘Žvaigždžių Orbita’ path.

The path was installed in 2014 in place of a popular walking trail. This path winds from the end of Maironio Street (the park bridge) and goes south to the junction with the Žvaigždžių Orbita path.

The route starts at the UNO Adventure Park and leads through the pine forests around the River Nemunas to a small hill with one of the most beautiful views of the town, the Meilės Sala panorama. A few minutes later the path approaches the former Druskininkai aerodrome where, traditionally during the first week of August, the International Dog Show is held.

At no more than 200 metres from the aerodrome the path connects to the Žvaigždžių Orbita cycle path. You can choose which direction you take here to continue your journey. The road to the left lasts for 2.7km before leading you back into Druskininkai. The road to the right allows you to continue your journey to the village of Švendubrė and the Raigardas valley.


Žvaigždžių Orbita (Star Orbits Path)

Route length: 9km, 12km, and 24km. Duration: 2-4 hours or 6 hours.

Lake Druskonis – Lake Mergelės Akelių – the resorts along the River Nemunas – the Devil’s Stone – Švendubrė Village – the Raigardas valley – the cemetery for Druskininkai’s Jewish community – the Old Town Cemetery.

Start your journey at Lake Druskonis and head towards Vijūnėlė Pond. From the metal sculpture known as Kalvis (’the Blacksmith’) which is situated between Vijūnėlė and Druskonis lakes, the cycle path heads into a pine forest and continues on hilly terrain towards the River Nemunas. The most famous place along this route is the Devil’s Stone, which is the tenth-largest boulder in Lithuania and is also a geological nature monument. Next to the stone, on the northern edge of the Raigardas valley, is the old street village of Švendubrė and its ethnographic homesteads. Once you reach the village’s intersection, you can return to the town or continue your journey south to the Raigardas valley. Raigardas is famous in Druskininkai and is dear to its residents because this is the person who provided inspiration to M K Čiurlionis (the Raigardas triptych) and V Krėvė (Vakarinė Giesmė or, in English, ‘The Evening Hymn’).

Returning to Druskininkai, one can make a stop at the historical cemetery. Old Jewish tombs, and those of Soviet soldiers, partisans, Lithuanians, Polish, and Russian people are located around the Mergelių akys lakes. Many famous Druskininkai people are buried here: amongst them being K Wolfgang, K Dineika, J Pilecki, and others. The Lake Druskonis cycle path then leads back to Druskininkai’s town centre.


The Žilvinas path

Route length: 6km, 8km, and 12km. Duration: 2-3 hours or 6 hours.

The confluence of the rivers Ratnyčia and Nemunas (further over the ‘curved’ bridge) – the sculpture park that is named after Jacques Lipchitz – the ‘Saulutė’ sanatorium – the ‘Eglė’ sanatorium and a pond – Neravų Forest – Lake Ilgis – Grūtas Park – the A Česnulis Sculpture and Recreation Park – Ratnyčia – the ‘Girios aidas’ Forest Museum – Druskininkai.

The route starts at the confluence of the rivers Ratnyčia and Nemunas and continues through the Saulutė children’s rehabilitation sanatorium and Dangaus skliautas café along the forest track to Eglė Sanatorium. Taste mineral water in the pump room of the resort’s Eglė sanatorium and continue your journey eastwards towards Grūtas Park, all the while taking time to admire the Alka pond and Grūta stream. Visit the famous exposition of Soviet sculptures and relics, the zoo and the café which serves Soviet dishes, both of which are located along the strand beside Lake Grūtas. When returning to Druskininkai by means of the Kaunas highway, why not visit the parish church of the Apostle St Bartholomew which is located in Ratnyčia. The first church here was built around 1650 by Kazimieras Leonas Sapiega. The new brick church was completed in 1910 in an undeveloped pseudo-Gothic style. Nearby, just a few kilometres away, you can find the A Česnulis Sculpture and Recreation Park which is located in Naujasodė. When returning to Druskininkai, we recommend that you visit the Girios aidas forest museum and information centre.


Saulė path (‘Sun’ path)

Route length: 6.8km (blue path), 9km (yellow path), and 24km (to Lake Latežeris). Duration: 2-4 hours or 6 hours.

K Dineika Health Park – Veisiejai Street – Alka pond – the wooden bridge – the Ratnyčia stream – the Ratnyčia bridge – and return to Druskininkai

The path’s route follows a paved trail from the K Dineika Health Park in a southwards direction, before crossing Veisiejai Street and running towards the information stand that is located between the Alka and Ratnyčia ponds. Then the blue and yellow routes are marked by squares in those colours on the trees. The main trail for the Saulė blue path starts on a narrow wooden bridge which is located between the ponds and then heads towards the Ratnyčia stream. The yellow loop-shaped path is intended for Nordic walking and leads on a 9km trail back into town by way of paths alongside the Alka pond and along forest trails.

In winter all Druskininkai cycle paths are suitable for cross-country skiing.

Druskininkai cycling routes