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Bicycle paths were renewed in Druskininkai during the quarantine:  new things await in 2021

Now you can enjoy the newly paved “Žvaigdžių orbita” (Start Orbit) path even when it’s dark outside.

Druskininkai has particularly favorable recreational conditions. There are no industrial and other sources of pollution around Druskininkai; the vast pine forests surrounding the city purify the air and saturate it with essential oils. In short, the air here heals too! Dive into new trips and discoveries with bicycles around the resort – renewed Druskininkai bicycle paths and a nature await you.

When you arrive at Druskininkai, you can leave your car in one of the free parking lots and explore the city on foot or by bicycle. The distances here are really short. For example, a walk from the westernmost object of the city (aerodrome) to the farthest to the east (“Eglė sanatoriums”) would take only about an hour (5 km). It is fun to cycle around the city center, the Nemunas coast, Vijūnėlė Park, Vilnius Alley with bicycles (scooters, bicycles, rollerblades, unicycles). The whole city is rich in trees and flowers and the roads are all paved.

Bicycle Paths
However, Druskininkai bicycle paths stretch not only around the city. For those who want to continue their journey around the beautiful resort, we present four main cycling routes.

Nemunas path

Route length: 4,29 km with the option to go further, up to 24 km. Duration: about 1 hour.
⇒ Parko bridge – UNO adventure park – spring – Love island (Meilės sala) – Tombs of the World War I soldiers – aerodrome – „Star Orbit“ path (Žvaigdžių Orbita).
The trail was installed in 2014 on the site of a popular walking trail and goes from the end of Maironio str. (Parko bridge) and connects with “Star Orbit”. The route starts at the UNO Adventure Park and leads through the pine forests of the Nemunas River to a small height, from which one of the most beautiful views of the city – the panorama of the Love Island – opens up. A few minutes away, the trail approaches the former Druskininkai aerodrome, where the International Dog Show traditionally takes place in the first week of August. From here you can choose to travel even  further. The road to the left leads back to Druskininkai and it is about 2.7 km long. The road to the right allows you to continue your journey to Švendubrė village and Raigardas valley.

Star Orbit path

Route length: 9 km, 12 km, 24 km. Duration: 2-4 h., 6 h.
⇒ Druskonis Lake – Mergelės Akelių Lake – Resting places along the Nemunas River – the Devil’s stone – Švendubrė villagethe Raigardas valley – the cemetery of Druskininkai’s Jewish community – the Old Town cemetery.
After starting the trip from Druskonis lake, drive towards Vijūnėlė pond. From the metal sculpture of “Kalvis”, located between Vijūnėlė and Druskonis lakes, the bicycle path goes into the pine forest and continues to meander through the hilly terrain towards the Nemunas river. The most famous place on this route is the Devil’s Stone, the tenth largest boulder in Lithuania, a geological natural monument. Next to the stone, on the northern edge of the Raigardas Valley, is the old street village of Švendubrė with ethnographic homesteads. At the crossroads of the village, you can return to the city or continue your journey south to the Raigard Valley. Raigardas is famous and dear to the people of Druskininkai because it served as an inspiration to M.K. Čiurlionis’s (“Raigardo Triptikas”) and V.Krėve’s (“Evening Song”). Old tombs of Jews, Soviet soldiers, partisans, Lithuanians, Poles and Russians are located around the lake of “Mergelės Akelės”. Many famous people from Druskininkai are buried here: K. Wolfgang, K. Dineika, J. Pileckis and others. Following the shore of the Druskonis lake cycle path, we return to Druskininkai.

The Žilvinas path

Route length: 6 km, 8 km, 12 km. Duration: 2-3 h., 6 h.
The route starts at the confluence of the Ratnyčia and Nemunas rivers and continues through the children’s rehabilitation sanatorium “Saulutė” and the cafe “Dangaus skliautas” on the forest path to the “Eglė sanatorium”. Sample the mineral water of Eglė at and continue east to Grūtas Park, admiring the Alka pond and the Grūta stream. On the shores of Lake Grūtas, visit the famous exhibition of Soviet sculptures and relics, the zoo and the café which serves “Soviet” dishes. Returning to Druskininkai on Kaunas highway, turn to church of Bartholomew the Apostle in Ratnyčia. The first church was built here by Kazimieras Leonas Sapiega around 1650. The new brick church was completed in 1910 in an undeveloped pseudo-Gothic style. Nearby – just a few kilometers away – you can visit the A. Česnulis Sculpture and Recreation Park in Naujasodė. When returning to Druskininkai, we recommend visiting the forest museum – information center “Girios aidas”.  

Saulė path (‘Sun’ path)

Route length:  6,8 km (blue path), 9 km (yellow path), 24 km (to Lake Latežeris). Duration: 2-4 h., 6 h.
K Dineika Health Park – Veisiejai Street – Alka pond – the wooden bridge – the Ratnyčia stream – the Ratnyčia bridge – return to Druskininkai
The path’s route follows a paved trail from the K Dineika Health Park in a southwards direction, before crossing Veisiejai Street and running towards the information stand that is located between the Alka and Ratnyčia ponds. Then the blue and yellow routes are marked by squares in those colours on the trees. The main trail for the Saulė blue path starts on a narrow wooden bridge which is located between the ponds and then heads towards the Ratnyčia stream. The yellow loop-shaped path is intended for Nordic walking and leads on a 9km trail back into town by way of paths alongside the Alka pond and along forest trails.In winter all Druskininkai cycle paths are suitable for cross-country skiing.

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