From mud baths to amber therapies, from traditional sauna rituals to water jets – all this, as well as a wide selection of massages, cryotherapy treatments and many other beneficial healing procedures, can be found in one city.

Body care treatments with the use of various gifts of nature: salt, honey, pine extracts, stones, clay, oils, and even oxygen, are carried out in Druskininkai throughout the year. In this article, we will briefly present the healing menu of this unique Lithuanian resort town. Which of the treatments will you choose?

Druskininkai – wellness springs resort

The healing springs have been attracting visitors to Druskininkai since the 19th century and are still one of the main reasons why tourists come here to improve their health.

By visiting Druskininkai spring rooms, you can saturate your body with essential minerals. Druskininkai mineral water comes from springs gushing from the depths of the earth. Each cup of it is worth its weight in gold.

In Druskininkai, there is also a large selection of sanatoriums and SPA centers that offer not only tasting of mineral water, but also baths in special pools and various types of tubs filled with mineral water. Even a few-minute bath with the addition of eucalyptus, bergamot or patchouli essential oils will refresh the body and soothe the soul, as well as a long list of health benefits for the body.

What is the benefit of Mineral? Mineral water is said to help regulate the acidity of gastric juices, regulate metabolism, stimulate kidney function, and have antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The benefits of Druskininkai healing mud

It’s hard to imagine someone voluntarily burying themselves up to their neck in mud, right? Especially since it is black and warm. And although at first such a vision seems unattractive, the people who have tried the mud ritual on their own skin confirm that it has healing effects and, in fact, it is quite pleasant.

Already in ancient times, people treated pain with the help of mud baths. The inhabitants of the Mediterranean countries still have sea mud pools that attract tourists from all over the world. And those interested in mineral baths made of peat mud come to Druskininkai.

What is the benefit? Mud treatments have many advantages: they heal rheumatism and inflammation, and the skin becomes toned and smooth. They are considered effective in the treatment of chronic inflammation, allergies, autoimmune diseases, diseases of the joints, muscles, gastrointestinal tract and peripheral nervous system, as well as gynecological and urological diseases. Added to this is the peculiar but unforgettable feeling of plunging into tar black mud …

Druskininkai also offers procedures using cold temperatures

In Druskininkai you can experience really extreme treatments. These include a few minutes’ stay in a cryosauna, where the air temperature reaches minus 160 ° C. During such a procedure, the human body experiences shock and activates many physiological processes. In such a cold environment, the body activates the body temperature self-regulation system, activating numerous pro-health mechanisms.

What is the benefit? Cryotherapy strengthens the immune system, soothes inflammation, has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and lymphatic systems, regenerates the skin, rejuvenates, reduces anxiety and improves sleep.

Amber is used to improve your mood

Amber is well known to the inhabitants of Druskininkai. It is often used in the production of jewelry, but the healing properties of this “stone” have been known for a long time. No wonder that amber therapy has been successfully used for years in the health capital – Druskininkai.

Here you can try various treatments using oils or creams with amber dust. Also, some massages are performed on special tables with amber elements. Druskininkai also offers a unique amber therapy in an infrared sauna.

What is the benefit? Amber and its preparations affect all active areas of the human body, strengthening, soothing and relieving pain. They are also believed to mitigate the negative effects of air pressure fluctuations and magnetic storms, and to help improve heart function.

Take a deep breath

About two decades ago, rumors circulated that the king of pop music, Michael Jackson, slept in a hyperbaric chamber. At the time it seemed like an eccentric whim of the rich people, but today it does not come as a surprise. The benefits of oxygen treatments include not only those who want to keep their youth for longer, but also those who struggle with weight, depression or fatigue.

During hyperbaric therapy, the body is stimulated with the dose of oxygen necessary for humans. Of course, sleeping in such a chamber is not necessary, a one-hour session is enough to get visible results.

What is the benefit? Oxygen supports the healing of wounds, ulcers and fractures, and the regeneration of cells and tissues. It cleanses the body of toxins, supports the treatment of diabetes complications, liver diseases, vascular disorders of the brain, migraine pains and muscle regeneration.

Even music heals here

In Druskininkai, even music is used to improve health. Have you ever had the opportunity to rest to the sounds of a harp in the scenery of a luxurious ancient palace? A harp music therapy session is compared to a massage, only the body is affected not by the hands of the masseur, but by the sound.

What is the benefit? Listening to the sounds of the harp causes vibrations throughout the body. It helps you relax, reduces tension and even helps with depression.

Every year more innovation and diversity

The most popular and attractive technological innovations do not bypass the largest Lithuanian resort. Even the most capricious holidaymakers will discover here the innovations that world health specialists are talking about today. In Druskininkai, you can already perform one of the most thorough tests of the cardiovascular, respiratory and physical functions, try darsonvalization therapy, modern ultrasound treatments and much more.

SPA centers more and more often adopt proven practices from the East, where people have traveled for centuries in search of effective methods of treatment. Today, also in Druskininkai, you can try Indian toning rituals, Chinese foot massage, various types of yoga and breathing practices.

Probably the healthiest spa in Europe

The Druskininkai resort town offers not only many individual treatments, but also a plethora of sanatoriums in the very center of the city, for example the K. Dineika Wellness park. This unique place includes not only walking routes, several sports fields or a fragrant pine forest, but also historic swimming pools, a foot acupressure pool and a sauna with a half-ton stone stove. There is also a meditation and yoga terrace and an air ionization pavilion. It is a unique room where you breathe clean air, saturated with negative ions, the concentration of which is 100 times higher here than in the mountains or deep forests.

Established in 1930, this oasis of physical culture and climate therapy boasts a rich history, traditions and many honorary guests. Marshal Józef Piłsudski himself is captured in the historical photos in the cascading baths. Also today, K. Dineika park is one of the most popular places for walks in Druskininkai.

If you want to improve your health – come to Druskininkai

Druskininkai is the fastest growing resort town in Lithuania. This is where patients come to regain their lost health. Regardless of whether you are elderly or in the prime of life, sick or just overworked – everyone will find treatments for themselves in this resort.

It is worth visiting Druskininkai not only for healing purposes.

• Be sure to see the musical fountain in the city center.

• Try tennis courts, amusement parks, golf courses.

• Take a ride or a walk on the nearby cycling/walking routes, the total length of which is as much as 60 km.

• Soar above the treetops on the cableway.

• Find out about the attractions of the K. Dineika wellness park.

• Go down to the open source of mineral water “Grožio šaltinis” on the bank of the Nemunas river.

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