Pets allowed!


šunų paroda druskininkai

Are pets allowed in Druskininkai? Definitely – yes. We love pets! Every year our town hosts several international dog shows. Here is a list of hotels, restaurants and other facilities that allow pets or offer services to them…


SPAs and Hotels, Which Allow Pets


Pets allowed, stay price (if defined)

Best Baltic Central 18 Eur / 1 pet / day
De Lita small pet 15 Eur / day, big pets are not allowed
Druskininkai 15 Eur / 1 pet / day
Dzūkija15 Eur / 1 pet / day
Europa Royale Druskninkai small pet 20 Eur/ day, big pet 30 Eur/day
Goda Hotel and SPAsmall pet 13 Eur/ day, big pet 26 Eur/day
Galia small pet 16 Eur/ day, big pet 20 Eur/day
Inzasmall pet 3 Eur/ day, big pet 10 Eur/day
Jerevanas                                    15 Eur / 1 pet / day
Pušynas 20 Eur / 1 pet / day
Regina 10 Eur / 1 pet / day


Guest Houses

Algidos namai5 Eur / 1 pet / day
Andantesmall pet 10 Eur/ day, big pet 20 Eur/day
Audra10 Eur / 1 pet / day
Aušra10 Eur / 1 pet / day
Brolių vilayes
Cozy holiday houseyes
Dalija5 Eur / 1 pet / day
Dineikos parko svečių namaiyes
Domi Liniyes
Evelina vilayes
Kurorto Namas vilayes
LKS Druskininkų kūrybos ir poilsio namai5 Eur / 1 pet / day
Parko vilayes
Raigardo vilayes
Senasis Paštasyes
Druskininkų kempingas1,5 Eur / 1 pet / day

B&B Apartments

Abariaus Apartamentaiyes
Family houseyes
Pas Dalikęyes
Druskininkai Apartmentsyes


Restaurants, Cafes

Armak, kavinėyes, in the open terrace
Armėniška EL&EL užeigayes, in the open terrace
Aqua restoranas-picerijayes, in the open terrace
Best Baltic Central, restoranasyes, in the open terrace
Du SELyes, in the open terrace
Caffeine Roastersyes, in the open terrace
Dangaus skliautasyes, in the open terrace
City coffeeyes, in the open terrace
Dijarasyes, in the open terrace
Elingasyes, in the open terrace
Europa Royale Druskininkai, restoranasyes
Etno Dvaras, restoranasyes, in the open terrace
Jerevanas, kavinėyes, small pets only
Kolonada, restoranas-muzikinis klubasyes
Pušynas, restoranasyes
Regina, restoranasyes, in the open terrace
Romnesayes, in the open terrace
Senasis Nemunasyes
Sicilia 1,2, picerija yes, in the open terrace; small pets are welcome inside, too
Širdelėyes, in the open terrace
The Houseyes, in the open terrace
Velvettiyes, in the open terrace
Vido Malūnasyes
Violeta, restoranasyes, in the open terrace


Other Services

Vet clinics(+370-676) 64525, Gardino g. 72, Druskininkai 66224
Vet clinics(+370-313) 52919, Turgaus g. 3, Druskininkai 66172
Vet clinics(+370-699) 35788, Sodžiaus g. 18, Neravų km.
KIKA (Pet shop)(+370-691) 02110, M. K. Čiurlionio g. 103, Druskininkai
Murka (Pet shop)(+370 605) 24822, Ateities g. 1-as pavilijonas Druskininkai
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