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Amber raises one’s mood

Even in ancient Greece people knew about the positive effects of amber on the body. This stone positively affects all active areas of the human body, as well as strengthening, soothing, and easing pain. Amber acid which is inhaled as an aerosol increases concentrations of the ‘happiness hormone’, ie. serotonin, in the blood, and helps to ease negative feelings.

In Druskininkai, the stone that is referred to as Lithuanian gold is successfully used for health strengthening. Here we offer a variety of amber therapies that are provided by using creams and oils with amber dust, mattresses filled with amber pieces, or massage tables with amber installations. With relaxing music also playing, the patient enjoys the peace and fragrance of an amber spray.

You can also enjoy the unique radial-energetic amber therapy which has been developed in Druskininkai, which is provided when amber interacts with infrared rays. This therapy can be tested in a sauna with infrared amber rays. The developers of this method claim that such a working principle has no analogues worldwide in the field of this type of service.


Cold improves blood circulation

Cryotherapy is a physiotherapeutic treatment method which is based on the stimulating effect of cold on the surface of the human body. The therapy is performed in a special chamber which is known as a cryogenic sauna in which the air temperature reaches as low as minus 160⁰C. After just two minutes in such a sauna the skin’s temperature suddenly drops to minus 1⁰C. Following this therapy, the human body hurries to warm itself, producing intense heat as it does so. Our blood vessels expand and our skin reddens, improving oxygen supply to all of the body’s tissues…

Short-term cooling of the skin’s surface effectively reduces pain and inflammation, and strengthens immunity; therefore this method is successfully applied in the treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, and in skin and chronic respiratory diseases.


Salt facilitates breathing

Salt is the only mineral that is used naturally, without any chemical treatment. About 14,000 direct and indirect salt applications are known worldwide. In Druskininkai you can find salt not only in mineral water: it is abundant in specially-equipped salt rooms which are intended for salt therapy (halotherapy). This therapy is used for chronic lung, nose, throat, and skin diseases, for recovery after pneumonia and, of course, for the prevention of respiratory diseases. Due to the high concentration of iodine in the saline room, halotherapy is particularly suitable for the prevention of thyroid diseases. Salt aerosol saturated air provides anti-inflammatory and immune-regulating effects.


Oxygen strengthens muscles

During the process of barotherapy, the body is saturated with the optimum dose of oxygen that is vital for every person. The therapy is performed in a glass barochamber, where the patient can relax by lying down and breathing in oxygenated air. This form of therapy is chosen by athletes, divers, and people living in high air pollution conditions.

Oxygen promotes the healing of wounds, ulcers, and fractures, and the regeneration of cells and tissues. It detoxifies the body, being suitable for treating diabetes complications, liver diseases, cerebrovascular disorders and migraine pain, and it also strengthens tired muscles. This procedure is also very effective in combating obesity, premature skin aging, depression, and fatigue.


Music is able to relax like a massage

In Druskininkai you will hear the sounds of unusual instruments: during a spell of music therapy one is able to enjoy the sound of a live harp or kanklės (a Lithuanian stringed folk instrument).

A harp therapy session can be compared to a massage because, when listening to this wonderful instrument, one feels a level of physical vibration throughout the body. Harp therapy is widely used to relieve pain, anxiety, and tension, increase body tone, and treat depression.

The meditative music of kanklės relaxes the patient, motivating them to forget our daily worries, and evoke the recall of pleasant memories. Due to the vibrations that are emitted by this instrument, the mind is able to rest and recover.


Kinesiotherapy teaches you how to control your body

Anyone who wants to enjoy a healthy spine and joints should learn how to ‘feel’ their body and control it in their daily lives. Kinesiotherapy programmes will help you to master this art. During the course of these programmes specialists will advise you on how to restore and maintain proper posture.

The three-dimensional Schroth’s therapy consists of positioning, orthopaedic breathing, and customised exercises, all of which are carried out when suffering some degree of scoliosis distortion. This is a training course that will help you strengthen your back, expand your thorax, restore pelvic lines, and make other necessary posture-related adjustments.

If the cause of the disorder is one of the internal organs, visceral manual therapy is provided. This restores the function of the damaged organ and at the same time, especially in the case of hollow organs, it is an effective form of reflex therapy which eliminates the painful syndrome.


Leeches provide energy

Druskininkai promotes time-tested natural medicinal methods. One of them is hirudotherapy, which is also known as treatment with leeches. During the process of latching on, the leech injects the human blood with about 150 biologically active substances that have a positive effect on the entire body, serving to lower cholesterol and sugar levels, relieving pressure and treating allergic diseases. From the small blood vessels leeches suck out stale blood and poisons.

Hirudotherapy improves sleep, increases work capacity, and provides energy. This natural method of treatment has no side effects.

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