New treatment at the Druskininkai Health Resort: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


Druskininkai Health Resort (at Vilniaus al. 9, 11) offers a new therapeutic treatment – Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy. HBO involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. A hyperbaric chamber is used to create the appropriate conditions for such therapy. Due to the increased pressure, the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood increases and moves from the plasma to the surrounding tissues, causing hyperoxia (i.e. higher than standard oxygen concentration), and in the case of oxygen starvation in the tissues inhibits hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). The body accumulates additional oxygen reserve, which reduces the need for lung ventilation, decreases heart rate and the cardiac output.

Unlike other physical methods and medical treatments, the mechanisms of action of oxygen hyperbaria are not due to an increase in blood circulation and thus an improvement in oxygen supply to tissues, but to the direct, forced delivery of oxygen to important organs and pathological foci – exactly where there is the greatest deficiency.

The most common applications of hyperbaric therapy are:

  • in plastic and orthopedic surgery: post-operative rehabilitation, reducing swelling, promoting and improving bone and wound healing.
  • in general surgery: treatment of postoperative infections, tissue damage, burns, trauma, fractures.
  • in neurosurgery and neurology: treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, muscle paralysis, headaches and migraines.
  • in internal medicine: treatment of asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, gas poisoning, sequelae of cerebral infarction, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiac ischemia and post-stroke complications, and reduction of complications of cerebral hemorrhage.
  • in dermatology: treatment of acne, herpes virus, facial and body skin care.
  • in ophthalmology: treatment of diabetic retinitis and keratitis.
  • in rehabilitation: it has applications in the areas of sports medicine, aviation, underwater diving, etc.

The recommended length of the treatment for long-lasting effect is 5 to 10 days, 60 minutes each day, and it is advisable to repeat the course 1-2 times a year.

This treatment is not indicated for people with epilepsy (or a history of seizures), fear of enclosed spaces, acute upper respiratory infections, otitis, rhinitis, stage II hypertensive disease, cancer, and pregnant women.

When choosing a hyperbaric chamber for our Health Resort, we paid special attention to ensuring the safety of the patient and the procedure itself. The Oxyhelp chamber, offered by a German manufacturer, which is modern, safe and patient-friendly, fully met our expectations: a solid 4-millimeter aluminum-titanium frame (the kind used in aviation), a double pressure protection mechanism: manual and programmable (pressure support up to 2 Bar), and the possibility of patient-operator communication.

The cost of the treatment is €49 (doctor’s referral required). Take advantage of the opportunity to purchase a package of 6 treatments for €239.

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