An unexpected gift from nature to Druskininkai – a sea of daffodils bloomed overnight


A gift from Nature: daffodils bloomed in Druskininkai before Easter

Warm weather and spring sun presented Druskininkai with an unexpected gift Before Easter, daffodils have blossomed overnight and are already attracting people who want to be photographed near them, however it’s important to remember that distance and safety requirements still apply, so take all necessary precautions .

So far, only Druskininkai residents can enjoy this phenomenal phenomenon due to the closed traffic between the municipalities. Locals who photographed the daffodils remain hopeful that visitors that will come to Druskininkai after closed traffic is lifted, will be able to see the impressive sea of daffodils. The locals said they have never seen daffodils blooming so early. “This is probably a gift from nature for the people who are exhausted by the pandemic and quarantine,” they said.

Vytautas Lazdelis, representative of the Botanical institute center for Natural Research said that: “You should not be surprised by the early blooming daffodils. These are the consequences of global warming. Of course, the sea of daffodils looks impressive, but such anomalies and extremes due to harmful human activities are increasing every year. We had an unusually cold winter, I would not be surprised if we had the exact opposite situation in the summer – unbearable heat. On the other hand, Druskininkai, as one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Lithuania, really deserves such a gift from nature. ”

Narcizų jūra Druskininkuose

Narcizai Druskininkuose

Photographs provided by – @ilovedruskininkai

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