Druskininkai is open for tourism! Sanatoriums and hotels are opening up


You can finally come to Lithuania! Sanatoriums and hotels are opening up in Druskininkai!


Now that different sanatoriums and hotels are opening up, they have some offers for you. Some of the things they offer are anti-stress and rehabilitation programs; In this article you will learn what is already open today; who and how can you come to Lithuania, what are the guarantees that the money will not be lost.

Once you are in Druskininkai, take a deep breath, do you feel it? even the air heals here. The air itself is filled with smells of herbs, flowers and essential oils of the pine forest. But stress lies deeper than the external formal “everything is OK”, and tired lungs after covid need to continue to be treated. So, now you will be able to recover in Druskininkai not only among nature, but also in the new practices of physicians and balneologists associated with rehabilitation and treatment after coronavirus.

What is open during the quarantine


Quarantine in Lithuania has been extended until May 30. By the beginning of May, about 30% of all residents of the Druskininkai resort received vaccinations against Covid-19. In particular, the vaccination of the personnel of health resorts, hospitals, hotels is actively continuing.

Patients with post COVID-19 symptoms are able to receive health-improving programs of the sanatorium. The hotels have organized comfortable conditions and offer the possibility to work remotely – workation. Almost 20 cafes prepare meals with delivery. So you can order Dzukian boletus, beans from … buckwheat, or French cuisine – Provencal mussels, for example. The next step is the return of cozy gatherings on terraces and in street restaurants.

How to come to Druskininkai and what you will be asked at sanatoriums

Regardless of where and how you want to arrive: by plane, by car, by ferry, you need to fill out an electronic form in advance. Once you fill it out, you will be provided with a QR code, don’t lose it! At the border, you will be asked for confirmation of your filled form (QR code). In the questionnaire, indicate: where you are going, where you will stay and live, when was the last time you did the test for COVID-19 and what was the result, were you sick with COVID-19, when was it etc. For those who have been sick with COVID-19 or were vaccinated (by vaccines approved in EU), self-isolation will not be needed.

At the border you also need to have: documents confirming a negative test result for COVID-19 (in one of the official languages of the European Union). Or an official document confirming that you are vaccinated (2 times, with a vaccine approved in the EU – Pfizer, Moderna, Vaxzevria, Johnson & Johnson). Or a document confirming that you were sick with COVID-19 and now have antibodies.

In sanatoriums and some hotels, if you do not have documents for a negative COVID test or the deadlines for their validity have passed, they will do an express test, the results of which will be known in 15 minutes.

The virus affects our genetics, how to fix it

In the sanatoriums, personal anti-covid programs have been developed, they are designed for complete restoration of breathing.

The purpose of these programs is to help the body recover damaged functions as quickly as possible. Find a balance between accumulated stress and bodily health.

Even conventional physiotherapy is calculated according to the criteria of each person’s condition. Spirometry (lung function test) is done. And mental health must be taken into account.

– This virus affects our genetic information and can lead to further damage to one of the following systems: lungs, nervous or cardiovascular. Helping the patient, we focus on oxygen saturation of cells and try to get the human body back to normal as soon as possible, ”says Arvydas Balčius, doctor and director of medicine at Eglės sanatorija.

Eglės sanatorija offers to go through 5 stages of recovery, which include kinesiotherapy, therapeutic baths, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy procedures and relaxation.

– “We are also using two new medical devices: the RespiCare device, which is designed to improve breathing, and the ozone therapy device to saturate the body with oxygen,” says Arvydas Balčius.

Relaxation procedures are needed in order to activate the healing mechanisms in the body. Therefore, in the sanatoriums of Druskininkai, spas, swimming pools, gyms are open even in quarantine. But the rest there is still associated with treatment, and is organized according to the doctor’s prescription.

In addition to fundamental recovery, there are shorter programs. For example, in the sanatorium Grand SPA Lietuva, for three days of recovery, they offer therapeutic procedures in baths, swimming pools and saunas (thermo-hydrotherapy and physiotherapy), exercises in the gym and, of course, a pump room with mineral water.

From April 30, you can come to Amberton Green SPA Druskininkai, a five-star wellness center – the only spa in Northern Europe for sleep rehabilitation and human psychosomatics. The specialists of Amberton Green SPA will restore healthy sleep step by step.

Druskininkai is open for walks


The Antanas Česnulis Wooden Sculpture&Leisure Park is open for walks. The park contains wooden sculptures by one of the best woodcarvers in the Dzūkija region, Antanas Česnulis. One of the main exhibits is a windmill, built by a carver, and in it there is an exposition reflecting the traditions of Lithuanian folk art. Among the forest there is a small pond and a stream.

In Grūtas Soviet Sculpture Park, this year spring is the time of signs: the park occupies 20 hectares, it opened on April 1 exactly 20 years ago. For some, Soviet sculptures are exotic, for others – déjà vu. And you can already feel the usual Soviet way of life: faceted glasses, borscht, ruddy virtual pioneers and loud songs. Each exhibit has its own story … and there is also a mini-zoo and an amusement park.

In and around Druskininkai there are over 60 km of bicycle paths, and rehabilitation programs include Nordic walking and kinesiotherapy in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you bought a voucher for treatment, but you can’t go?

Gift certificates are usually extended, for example, at the Grand Spa Lietuva – by 5 months. You need to look at the conditions on the pages of health SPA’s.

Is it possible to travel to Lithuania from Russia, Israel, Ukraine, Latvia or other countries not in the EU?

Entry to Lithuania for tourism purposes is possible for residents legally residing in the European Economic Area (EU countries, Great Britain, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Monaco, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Vatican City). Residents of other countries cannot go to Lithuania for tourism purposes at the moment – information will be updated in this article if anything changes.

What are the requirements for children to come to Lithuania?

Children under 16 years old do not have to provide any documents, but they must self-isolate upon arriving in Lithuania. The general rules apply to older persons.

How long does self-isolation last?

10 days, but after 7 days, self-isolation can be interrupted by taking a COVID test and it comes out negative.

Do I need to self-isolate after arriving in Lithuania after COVID-19 illness?

It is not necessary if at the time of arrival in Lithuania 90 days have not passed after the illness or you have a vaccination document (2 times, with a vaccine approved in the EU – Pfizer, Moderna, Vaxzevria, Johnson & Johnson) or a document stating that you have had COVID-19 and are now disease free.

Druskininkai are waiting for you.


Read more about the changes and new updates on our website: http://druskininkai.lt/

More about COVID-19 in Lithuania and other restrictions: https://koronastop.lrv.lt/en/covid-19-related-restrictions-1

The electronic travel questionnaire can be found at this link: https://keleiviams.nvsc.lt/en/form


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