Four Seasons in Druskininkai, the Subtleties of Each Season


Four Seasons in Druskininkai, the Subtleties of Each Season

We will order a spa with pineapples in October, by Christmas we will go to the beach to sunbathe, in April we will get lost in a field of daffodils, in June we will make snowmen. And all of this in one place!

The subtlety of Druskininkai is that all of the seasons blend in perfectly with each other. There is no division into cold or warm seasons, because there is always something to do and you can feel the warmth of tropics during the winter or feel the winter breeze during the hot summer days. Life in this beautiful resort has its own charms and shades during all of the seasons.

Autumn. Observing the world of beautiful colors and strengthening the immune system

Maples are already blazing, golden leaves rustling in the parks, the air is filled with the smell of trees, mixed in with the smell of coffee and cinnamon eminating from the coffee shops. Pumpkins and candles, lights and music. You can still dine on the open terraces, btu the autumn breeze makes you dream about sitting beside a warm fireplace. During this season Druskininkai covers it self with a warm autumn blanket.

Walking, sunny trails and meditations – more than 80% of the territory in Druskininkai is covered with forests and parks, and the weather is calling you away from home to experience the beauty of autumn in Druskininkai. Nature entered the royal period of splendor and color.

If you like a little bit of extreme, you can also fly over the trees and the Nemunas river in UNO Adventure Park, do gymnastics and reflexology in K. Dineika wellness park, rent a bike and go to the mystical Raigardas. A river cruise along the Nemunas river is also available until the end of October. Sailing on the “Nemo” catamaran is also an adventure worth experiencing. And everywhere along the way, the autumn Nemunas river enchants with reflections, as if a parallel River World (the world of the River) floats past you.

Rehabilitation after covid is once again one of the top chosen programs in sanatoriums and the cities health resort. Ozone therapy, oxygen therapy, physiotherapy, an individual combination of medical techniques and wellness practices will help you breathe deeply and strengthen your immune system not be afraid of rain, slush and cold weather.

In spa centers, exquisite programs are relevant that return the spa mood. For example, massage with foam and papaya and pineapple oils, jacuzzi, outdoor pools with mineral water. And the Somnarium in Amberton Green SPA relieves stress – immerses you in a pleasant dream filled with aromas.

Fall off-season is the last chance to take advantage of discounts on treatments, programs, romantic and family weekends. The discounts in Druskininkai are generally valid until the 20th of December.

The resort does not hibernate during winter

Winter in Druskininkai is always with snow in the Snow Arena and summer pleasures in water parks and spa areas of sanatoriums, hospitals and hotels. In December, you need to follow the news about Druskininkai, most of the time there are proposals for a cozy, fun or unusual way to spend winter holidays.

You can celebrate the New Year in the pool, jacuzzi or in the panoramic restaurant “Keturi Vėjai“, in the ice bar or on the beach with sea sand, which is possible in the Druskininkai Aqua Park. And after the holidays – remember the gyms, immerse yourself in unloading and detox programs, draw up a meal schedule with a nutritionist or undergo a mood massage, where the massage master adapts to the client’s well-being and chooses the appropriate technique.

And instead of discounts, you can now look for who offers gift vouchers for the winter, where prices are lower. There are dozens of such special offers.

For example, a gift voucher will help you organize your holiday in the Egle sanatorium in a targeted manner, if you fill out a wish card. Arrange an evening of rituals in the spa area of the Hotel Flores. Spend a whole day for a third of the price in the adult zone of the Druskininkai Aqua Park. Complete a health circle at the Druskininkai Health Resort or book a time on the hill with trampolines at the Snow Arena.

Spring takes you on a romantic journey

“The air froze in silk pillows” is just a description of one of the hammam programs for two, which returns “harmony to body and soul”. In the spring, the resort becomes a home for lovers and romantics. The air is charged with essential oils and the scent of blooming daffodils, and M.K. Čiurlionis is playing in the old apple orchard.

Hundreds of thousands of bulbs have been planted in the daffodil park, and in April the field in the center of the resort turns into the largest flower panorama in Lithuania.

In spring, Druskininkai has discounts on programs for two and romantic weekend tours are returning.

In addition to the usual proposals, there are exquisite combinations: music and amber aromatherapy, rose oil and the power of the earth, Black Sea salt and aloe, chocolate and wine and many other.

Spring is also the holiday season. Snow kayaking is organized at the Snow Arena, and a sauna marathon is held at the Aquapark. During this season Pilaf festival in Vilnius alley is also held, where you can try all kinds of Pilaf. And, finally, the opening of the Druskininkai summer season – a holiday of the Druskininkai resort which is held during the last weekend of May. You will definitely not be bored once you immerse yourself in the SPA procedures and everything else the city has to offer.

Summer – could there be anything better?

It is better to prepare for the winter season during summer holidays in January-February, this is when long-term discounts appear in the Snow Arena, this is the only winter entertainment complex in the Baltic States that operates all year round, where you can enjoy the winter fun even during the hot summer days.

On an area of 8 hectares, there are three ski slopes for skiing and snowboarding. Winter joys in summer are a familiar sight, you can make a snowman or play snow volleyball in a bikini when the slides in the Snow Arena are updated. The ice rooms in the spa zones produce ice all year round, and in the cryo-chamber at the Druskininkai health resort the temperature is reaches minus 110 degrees.

But near Lake Druskonis it is so good to lie on the beach in the sun. Dive into clean water. Stand under the cascades of the Ratnyčėlė River. Rent a boat, buy Italian ice cream in a waffle cup or homemade parmesan. Breathe ether in the herbal garden, walk barefoot along the path of pine cones, branches and pebbles. Listen to the bumblebees, after all – It’s summer!

If you want to find out more about the activities you can do in Druskininkai, visit our website: http://druskininkai.lt/en/

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