VIII “Cheese Festival” in Druskininkai


The eighth “Cheese Festival” invites You to meet with small cheese-making masters not only from the whole Lithuania, but also from neighboring countries, get to know cheese making craft, taste cheeses made from natural, alive milk and celebrate the triumph of real taste.
Made with hands in small family farms, unique cheeses with their expressive flavors will surprise even the biggest skeptics. And food cooking enthusiasts will be inspired for new culinary feats.


11 h. Beginning of the event

  • Fair
  • Cheese contest
  • Gourmet yard with “Velvetti”
  • Election of the public’s favorite cheese
  • Blind tastings, cheese competitions

12 h. Prof. Rimvydas Laužikas lecture “Cheeses in the Lithuanian gastronomy history”
13 h. Tasting with Kamil Holajda: sheep and goat milk cheeses from the Polish cheese making workshop Sernica Dolnośląska ir Groser
14 h. Tasting with Irina Demianiuk: cheeses from Ukrainian cheese making workshop
15 h. Tasting with Paulius Jurkevičius: tastes journey through the world of Sicilian cheese
15 h. Creative workshop for kids – Scientific show discoverer. Real science experiments! An obvious demonstration of physics and chemistry laws! Fun and knowledge of the world surrounding us.
16 h. Cheese competition awards
17 h. Concert of the rock group from Dzūkija “Sidabras”
19 h. The end

Tasting is with preliminary tickets; price 30 Eur / per person
Reservation of place for tastings E-mail audrius.jokubauskas@gmail.com or mob. 8 676 02967

More information.

Visit Druskininkai
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