Natural Lithuanian food


Lithuanians like traditional dishes that are made with potato, cereals, and meat. The most popular dishes in our region include cold beetroot soup, potato dumplings (which are also referred to as Zeppelins), smoked chopped meat with garlic and pepper (known as Skilandis), and tree cake (Šakotis).

  • Cold beetroot soap: cold, refreshing beetroot soup with sour cream and boiled eggs, served with fried potatoes.

During the summer, cold beetroot soap can be found in most of the resort’s cuisines. In winter time this dish is rare.

  • Potato dumplings (Zeppelins): cooked oblong potato balls stuffed with meat, curd, or mushrooms.

This dish may be tasted in restaurants that offer traditional Lithuanian cuisine, such as Etno dvaras and Senasis Nemunas.

  • Skilandis: naturally smoked round pork sausage.

You will find Skilandis in Druskininkai’s supermarket (in the meat department).

  • Šakotis: fir-shaped dessert made out of eggs, sour cream, sugar, and flour, baked over an open fire. We invite you to see the largest tree cake in the world which is located at Druskininkai’s Šakočių muziejus (the Museum of Tree Cakes).

In the nearby Romnesa restaurant you can take part in the process of cooking a tree cake, taste various forms of this dessert, and buy various sizes of tree cakes.


Straight from the farm

Organic food fans really should visit Druskininkai’s market. You will always be able to find home-made butter, sour cream, berries, mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables, all stocked around the market area. All types of natural honey are sold by the Milius family farmers, while Augai Farm supplies the best home-made cheeses: matured, fermented, blue, sweet, made from goat’s milk… You can buy home-made meat and dairy products in Vilnius Alėja when the most important festivals are on, such as the Druskininkai resort celebration, the Vasaros aidai farewell to summer festival, the Cheese Festival, and others.

Lithuanian beer is well-liked worldwide

Lithuania has a valuable brewing heritage, one which has long been recognised outside the country. It is often said that the taste of Lithuanian beer is the most authentic and tasty in the whole of Europe, while traditions of beer brewing have been preserved from ancient times. In Druskininkai’s Etno dvaras restaurant you can taste home-made kvass and beer from the restaurant’s own brewery. Traditionally, the beer is served with fried rye bread rubbed with garlic.

Dishes for vegetarians and vegans

You can find vegan or vegetarian dishes in many of Druskininkai’s restaurants. Taste mineral soup that has been made in the restaurant of at the Violeta hotel; corn polenta with estragon which is served in the Aqua restaurant; or Palestinian falafel and salad in the Toli Toli restaurant. In the Cibas restaurant you will find gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.

Important: currently there are no restaurants in Druskininkai which serve only vegetarian and/or vegan dishes.

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