Twenty Unexpected Flavours of Lithuania


In 2019, www.lithuania.travel created a map featuring twenty unexpected flavours, starting with orange soup and finishing off with a hay curd. In Druskininkai, the title of unexpected taste was granted to nettle ice cream which is made and sold in the Velvetti restaurant.

The restaurant’s hosts ensure that the nettles being used for ice cream production are harvested in the ecological surroundings of Druskininkai.

Named in The GASTROliavimas Guide (which title is derived from the words gastro and touring), the route invites one to travel around Lithuania looking for the most original dishes. And these are abundant in every region in Lithuania.

In addition, gourmand fiestas, ie. gastronomic events, take place all year round in one place or another in Lithuania:




The number of mouth-watering events being held in the regions around Lithuania is increasing every year: in the autumn various festivals are also held, such as Kleckai (Joniškis District), Spanguolinė (Rokiškis District), the Pumpkin Festival (Druskininkai), the Bread and Kugelis festivals (Šakiai District), and so on. You will be able to find more information about all of these events by visiting the regional tourism centres.






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Source: www.lithuania.travel

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